Saturday, July 11, 2009

women are maybe more evolved...

I realized that I was irritating some males because I was disagreeing with them. I remembered my client who told me that "men don't like to be told what to do."

Heck, women too don't like being told what to do. Who says that women have smaller egos???

What women have is more control of themselves, and even a more genuine inclination to consider someone else's opinion. In short, women have been trained more along the enlightment path.

What my client said actually means: males are more immature and have a lot less control in showing their temper tantrums, likes and dislikes.

Everyone physical on Earth is asleep. Some people very deeply, some less, and some Jesuses and Buddhas -likes are quite awake, thank you. Jesus and Buddha were probably awake 100% or very close - my educated guess. There is no way to find out while here though :)

Anyways, we all have illusions and delusions, and our minds are SO GOOD at fabricating excuses. It is pretty amazing! Lately I have been listening to a lot of minds fabricating wiseacring and justifying all kinds of things in a very slippery manner. It is AMAZING.

Today I talked with someone who smokes pot, and considers it an "herb" that helps to "set you free" and "be aware", when you are not stoned, but just "airy" (or whatever other word it was) with it.

First, if someone needs ANYTHING to be "free" then they are not free, by definition. They depend on that something. Dependence on anything external is not being free.

We need to go to God naked, no cruches, no props, nothing external, just what is inside us.



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