Saturday, August 15, 2009

Call of the Wild

Poems from the Vision Quest
copyright by Milica Barjaktarovic

After 4 days in Wilderness
where Everything Is Real

coming back to the city
makes me feel like a cat
clawing out of a box.


The grace, beauty and gentleness of larch needles,
as they bend over the pine covered path.


Back to the car. The traffic roars outside. It makes me cry - literaly.
Coming home alone again stripped of the Magic of Life
same old story, every time with body more abused from living in the matrix.

It is not easy being a Child of Wilderness. The grid gives grief.

Off the grid. Unplug.

The only way is to Plug into Something Infinite.
And that is not quite possible in the city. That Something lives a lot more
In the Wild.


I show the big turkey feather to my friend. She has never seen one.
Then I show her the smaller fluffy ones, and I say smiling:
these are the underware feathers. See how fluffy they are?

She looks at me and says: they are called pin feathers, right? They are under the tail feathers.

I look at her, bewildered with this academic discussion.

What about the turkey high up in the mountains at 8000ft where the fog rolls in from the North and the wind blows and the rain comes - for days
and the fluffy feathers keep the bird warm as it forages for food and rests at night in a big grassy area that keeps dew for a long time yet is so nice and warm when it is sunny and in the darker places shaded with trees with branches good for perching

Does the bird care for the scientific name of its feathers?

What about experiencing the bird? What about experiencing that fog as it rolls in, and the damp cold to the bone chill and the joy of every ray of sun and every warm piece of underware.

Yes, what about that? It's all in that fluffy feather. Have you lived that feather?

The other friend asks me if I went with my family.
I don't know what to say. He is from Africa so "family" makes sense to him.
He doesn't understand that my physical family is overseas
and that my big family is a lot of people who are not related to me by blood but
by Spirit.
So I just look at him wondering what to say.
I just say: no, I went with two friends.

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