Saturday, August 8, 2009

Everyone responds to what they are used to

I was very nicely and fashionably dressed (for a change - I am really not into it - this time I was trying to wear out some things from my closet so that I could wash them and put them away - I spent a whole day reorganizing my closet - and about 2 days shopping for some new clothes, house stuff, etc. and returning the stuff) - anyways -

so here I am, very fashionably and nicely dressed, looking very dandy.

I walk into Ross (which is a store that sells nice stuff for less - like when stores have only one blouse of a kind left, or a cosmetic dent in an otherwise functional pot, they send those to Ross). So Ross is a rather upscale little place, where fashion (and money) conscious women shop. It is full of rather good looking women, shopping around for a silk blouse for $9, etc.

So I walk into Ross, fashionably dressed. Everyone smiles and treats me nicely. Other shoppers help me pick my clothes. Cashiers chat with me.

Then I walk into Wallmart. Cashiers don't look at me but look down, shoppers kinda stare at me a little bit.

Low level people are threatened by beauty and quality.
**** Everyone responds to only what they are used to. ****

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