Sunday, August 30, 2009

How to die

Someone very close was sick for a while.
I explained to their caregiver the basic principles of the Tibetan Book of Dead, which teaches how to cross over. Tibetans believe in reincarnation so it is very important how you cross over, how you die - that determines your next life.

So, what is important is being there with the dieing person and "holding their fear" as Serbs would say, i.e. ensuring the dieing person that they are loved, that everything is ok, that it will be ok to cross over, and that it's ok on the other side.

Also, that their loved ones who died before will be waiting on the other side and welcome them. That God will not judge them, but will take care of them. That before the crossing over, the whole life needs to be reviewed, mistakes understood and forgiven, lessons learned from mistakes, and then it is ok to cross over peacefully - all bills have been cleared.

Also, on our side, we the living can help the dieing by remembering their good deeds and forgiving their bad deeds, i.e. clearing the bill on our side so that it is easier for them to clear their side of the bill.

Also, that the body is just a heavy garment and that it is a relief to leave it when it becomes too uncomfortable to further live. That it is ok to just shed the body and leave peacefully onto bigger and better projects, having learned from this life experience.

I told the caregiver that I will be happy to assist the person in crossing over to the other side. I have some training in that and have done it for some, successfully. They were afraid of death and struggling to stay alove, although their bodies were hurting them badly. Finally, they decided to leave, you could tell that it was a relief for them. They were done and they just left, peacefully and consciously.

The week before, during the Vision Quest, I went throught some forgiveness procedures for this dieing person. The person did some pretty nasty stuff to me which I saw clearly and understood for the first time in my life. However - somehow it didn't matter. The person did some very good, helpful healing stuff and helped me a lot - and that is what matters and what I remember.

So I told the caregiver everything that I was grateful for that this dieing person did for me.


The person died the very next morning, peacefully in their sleep. Somehow they heard what we were talking about and it helped them cross over. God bless them and may their journey be joyful.


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