Sunday, August 30, 2009

not following Inner Vision

My 3pm client was 20 mins late. Then I needed to work a little longer because we were discussing something really important. So I was 15 mins late for my 5pm client.

The 5pm client didn't tell me they had a major pain problem. So I booked them for 1 hr instead of 1.5 hr. But because they had such a big problem, I needed a little more time. Also, this person was demanding and difficult - no wonder they had pain. They were so tight with fear. It took a while to relax them and get them back to present.

And since I was late, and needed to work a little longer on them, AND my clock was 5-10 mins slow, I was 8 mins late for my next client, actually 2 clients, husband and wife.

Well, the 5pm client was an outcall. 6:30 was not. When I called at 6:38 to appologize, they were already gone. They came at 5:25, found my door closed, called me, and LEFT immediatelly. My phone was in the car so I didn't answer the call.

I had an inkling to leave a note on my door saying I will be back, but I didn't do it.

So - I lost 2 clients.

Their problem is that they don't feel the time. My problem is that I take the time - and other people - a little not so seriously.
Also I don't take MY time seriously. I let them walk all over me. I cater to a person who is not doing their job, and other people suffer. If a client is late, I should be able to say: sorry, you have till 4:30pm and then I have to meet someone else.

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