Saturday, September 12, 2009


My friend is having a fling, a short fling upon mutual consent. Well, he now wants to marry her and she wants to break up asap, because: he is just a fling, not Mr. Right.

I asked her: how do you know he is not Mr. Right? Please quantify. Your gut tells you, and what is your head saying, what are the tell-tale signs?

She thought for a long time and said: HE IS NOT A GIVER. He is nice to me, because he wants to woo me. He is nice to his kids. But he could care less for anyone else - waiters, cashiers, etc. He would never do something for someone juse because they needed help. He just is not kind to anyone who is not "important". He doesn't give!

She earlier also told me that the guy was a "christian" and tried leaving books for her on the counter. When she said she wouldn't read them because it is dogma, he called her "naive." WEll, it is obvious they don't respect each other, is it. His basic belief system is something she disrespects and vice versa. This is definitely NOT Mr. Right, that's clear. MARRIAGE SHOULD BE BASED ON THE COMMON SPIRITUAL GOALS.

.... This made me think. It reminded me of the Born Again Ignorant whom I dated last year. He had the same problem - complete and utter selfishness, ass kissing when he wanted something, and bailing when he didn't want it anymore. He could give his speeches, or his money, but he never gave his attention nor his heart. The only thing that he was occupied with was his own ass - is he going to hell or heaven? HE WAS (and still is, most likely) SCARED. Too scared for his own survival to be able to pay attention to anyone else.

So I said to my friend: YES, THAT IS THE TELL TALE SIGN OF THE "CHRISTIANS". They are into Christianity because it brings them a gain - Jesus died to save them, so now they are "saved" and off the hook and going to heaven for sure.
If this "christian" deal were to be cancelled and there was no more gain, all those "christians" would become anything else - ANYTHING - that would bring them something for nothing. They live their life just to get something for themselves. There is nothing about giving.

They kiss ass to God and Jesus only because they think they are getting something in return.
And that's how these "christians" live their lives, in anything they do -


My friend said, laughing: stop calling this guy "Born Again Christian". Call him a name - like, Rob.
I said: OK, if you want that, he had a name in Serbian slang, which is actually a legit word in Croatian, shtakor. Lose translation is: OLD RAT.

She rolled laughing.

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