Sunday, September 13, 2009

flying high

A client of mine was all enthusiastic about hooking me up with the "interesting people" she knows. She was also concerned if they will meet my "really high" standards.

What could I tell her, so that she could understand where the standards are coming from? I told her that I am not a wall flower and definitely not shy, and that I am hot stuff and will require someone with integrity and also very kind. And, because I exist - so my pair must exist.

I just could not explain to her all about it, because it is too complicated. The jist of it is: I am a healer, a well trained Native healer. It means a lot of things, the most important one being: trying to Wake Up. So, my pair has to be someone trying to Wake Up. That limits the number of possible applicants.
Then, he has to be someone who can handle me and my lifestyle in particular. I live a Native lifestyle. That limits the applicants even more.

But - we don't want huge numbers, we want and need ONLY *** ONE ***. One man fits this description and he is rightfully mine.

God arranges everything. He pairs everything alive on this planet.

For the type of woman that I am, it is harder to find a pair, because I am a strong and intelligent person, and the man has to be self confident and genuine to be able to appreciate such power. Most men like to go for something that looks like easy catch and easy to handle.

Seems to me that that old era should end now. Strong women should become a norm again. Nuff Barbie doll types, who just softly meow and cuddle and serve you coffee and slippers.

It IS possible to be feminine AND strong. Actually, that is REQUIRED. Read Phoenicia Pathwork lectures. A woman who is too passive is incomplete, just like a man who is without any emotional life is incomplete.

The Born Again Christian who faked someone trying to Wake Up told me that he was different than others and I will surely recognize that.

Well, I do. I have never met such a rat in my entire life. Such "christians" are so scared and so self centered and so selfish and so full of bologney that it is amazing they even walk around alive. I have never met anything so fake and imposterous. They just take take take take, never give anything. Indeed - they are different. They are **WAY** more asleep than a lot of other asleep people.

So this is how you pick a guy - JUST LIKE YOU WOULD PICK A DOG OR CAT. You pick someone energetic and perky who has ability to greatly love just you.

So this is an eliminatory checklist for dating - as soon as you find any NOs to this, cross the guy out:
1. Does not drink or use any drugs in any way ( marihuana is a drug, yes)
2. Does not run around, flirt around, cheat, etc.
3. Does not have other obligations that prevent him from being around (his job, mother, ex-wife, car, hobbies, etc.)
4. Does not have illegal, gross, stupid, etc. interests: gambling, porn, dogmatic religion, guns, crime, etc.
5. Does not have any ambition or interests and just lies on the couch. Does not talk. Does not work.
6. Is not your boss, and preferably not a coworker.

This is a YES checklist:
1. Guy is clean in every way.
2. Has a job or some way of reliably making money, and is motivated and financially independent.
3. Strives to improve himself in every way, and esp. get closer to God. Prays and meditates. Works on himself. Talks things through. Forgives. Improves.
4. Healthy, active.
5. Has similar interests and lifestyle.
6. Loves you beyond measure and is always there for you.

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