Saturday, September 12, 2009

report from a visiting alien

OK, so this is the situation on Earth, USA:

there is a small claims court, for cases under $3500.
Here, a lawyer is about $150-250 per hour, often more.
So, it is typically not economical to hire a lawyer for small claims.
Also, lawyers do NOT want to take $3000 cases - it is too little money for them.

When tenants need to be evicted, a lawyer charges at least $1500 *just for eviction.
That entails: filling out several papers, giving them to court (about 2 hrs work plus trip to court) and showing up in court (another 1 hour). So an owner is better off doing it himself.

Then the owner has to go to small claims court and sue AGAIN to get the rent paid.
Very often, nothing gets paid back.

Small con artists and many "regular" citizens aka gray masses know this.
The tenants felt free to stay 2.5 months in my apartment for free and owe me $3500,
and the Board is feeling free to let my apartment get ruined and owes me $3100,

BECAUSE **** they carefully calculated what they can get away with.*****

They each owe me about $3500. So to hire a lawyer, is not economical. So they are counting
on just getting away with it.

Also, they are like animals - they try to scare you into letting them take away from you. The tenants who didn't pay me
rent for 2.5 months told court they feel entitled to it and asked for 45 days more staying for free, and threatened to sue.
The court mediator laughed.
The tenants feel justified and are thinking they can get away with it.

And this is how gray masses work!!!! They work on fear and intimidation, and grabbing.
My tenants threatened me telling me they won't pay rent. They eventually stopped paying rent.

And this is how stupid naive good citizens work - they think people are good and will behave properly.
I should have kicked those guys out a long time ago - they always paid rent late.

And this kind of thing needs to stop. We talk about evil etc but really what you have right here is
an example of how regular, normal people who are even trying to be "good" (the tenants "attend church") are actually making the whole life on Earth so murky.

The consequences are tremendous. On micro scale, the whole building is a transitory place, no tenants stay longer than 1-2 yrs because nobody likes living there, people who live there fight, the Board is doing whatever they want - noise, illegal exterior alterations (they are putting french doors that visibly change the uniformity of the building), etc.
In short, it is a sore spot, and in need of healing.

The whole Earth is like this! People just grabbing from each other. It is no different than an animal. Human beings are supposed to be more evolved than that.

Human being are supposed to be beings, bot bullies.

Bullies are whimps who try to intimidate because they carefully calculated you are weaker. One bully gave me a great insight into how their thinking works: they judge you as a "kind and giving person".

When someone treats you worse when you treat them well, it is a sign of major inner need of healing.

A true human being treats you well, always, and even better when you treat them well. A true human responds kindly to kindness, and responds kindly in any case anyways.

That is something that we need to work for on Earth - to be human beings.

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