Saturday, October 10, 2009

Born Again fame

Since now I have a certain reputation as a "lose" woman since I dated the icky Born Again "christian" - if I could date such a nasty old rat, I could date anyone, right, since I must be totally non-discriminatory. That's the conclusion of some of the locals, who are now convinced that I take applications without any questions. So people with serious issues (as serious as Born Again "christianity") are hoping some good luck magically falls on them.

It might look that there is no criteria, but it is a false impression, it is not as easy as it looks and I certainly don't fall into anyone's lap just like that. The Born Again rat had to work hard, nonstop, for about 2 yrs, to get closer to me. The fact that he did get closer is a testimony to his cunning skill and the ability to fake it - say, act whatever is necessary that will bring him favors; which is exactly the skill that 'christians' learn in their church. They are MASTER ASS KISSERS. They say anything they think will bring them brownie points. They don't mean any of that. They don't practice a single iota. They just bs. And they are good at it! I fell for some convincing bsing, which is a good leasson. The good thing is that I kept on testing the guy and eventually he couldn't pretend anymore. There is a point where no empty words works.

A bser like that doesn't see it. He told me it would be enough for him to "just say" he doesn't believe his stuff anymore. No - in my world, it is not enough to just say something, You actually have to feel it, live it, move with it, it has to BE inside. Words are good intentions but - that's not enough.

At the end, what is necessary to win the princess is to bring back the fire bird.

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