Thursday, October 29, 2009

Born Again Ignorant

In case there is anyone out there wondering what is ignorant about the white jesus supremacy theory -

well, if jesus is the only way to Heaven, if he is the only way to salvation, and if you don't follow him you go to hell -

how about all people who are Buddhist? Or Hindu? Or Sufi? Or whatever else?
"They are no children of god and they are going to hell, according to this jesus supremacy theory.
So most of humanity and all the saints of all religions have no clue whatsoever. Even Buddha himself is in hell."

Someone who has sufficient IQ can actually clearly see that this is false.
Someone dumb but with a heart can feel that this is false.

Only someone truly DUMB and CRUEL can take this belief system as a gospel and quote it from the Bible. Cruelty often comes from grief. At the end, it doesn't really matter where it came from - it still is cruelty towards others. An adult should use their brains and consider things.

When an adult brain promotes cruel beliefs, the person *is* cruel.

How is the jesus supremacy theory different than the white supremacy theory? It is NOT. It's the same thing. It is the discriminative "racist" thing that says "I am better than you".

Whoever can intellectually accept this is arrogant, selfish, disciminative, closeminded, racist/sexist/nationalistic/etc etc dude. Red neck IGNORANT to the max. A very provincial someone with the world view as big as a pea, and no heart / compassion whatsoever.

The truth is that God is One, and everything is God. Everyone is a Child of God and trudging on their way with as much dignity they can muster. Some people have walked further than others, and reached certain levels which are commendable, like Yogananda, like many saints.
We are all walking to the same goal, AND we are taking different paths.
Even the Born Again "christians" will have to get out of the dead-end road they are following now and one day step on the road that leads faster to what they are looking for. Right now, they are like babies shitting in their diapers. It's not possible to stay a baby forever. One day, they have to grow up and understand God in a little more mature way, and serve God in a more mature way.

The service to God is first acknowledging that it is everywhere, and treating the whole world as such.

What would it mean to see God everywhere and in everything?

It's not smoochey; it's not spartanic; it just *** IS ***.

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