Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How to recognize real stuff

There is a Tibetan store in Haleiwa. Yeepee! Very nice store.

They gave me a DVD with Dalai Lama speech. I listened to it on Sunday afternoon, after working at the market. I came home, ate, and then just decided to rest, to just be quiet for a while and watch that DVD.

The DVD, as it turned out, had no subtitles, the whole thing was in Tibetan. First it was a whole bunch of Tibetans watching some monks and nuns doing the discussions, Buddhist Tibetan style, where they challenge each other. So, ok, that was in Tibetan and ok, there was no subtitles. Understandable. Then Dalai Lama started speaking - in Tibetan, no subtitles. I could not find the subtitles on the DVD. Nonetheless, I continued watching it. It made sense. I have no idea what he said, but it was very relaxing and made sense, and made me say: hm, I need to learn to speak Tibetan and I.... fell into a very very deep deep sleep. I lost consciousness, basically. I woke up after 4 hours, and I had no recollection of anything. I just knew that I woke up different. My mind was suddenly a lot calmer and on a very different frequency. I was not upset, or anything anymore. I was just calm and everything made sense. And, it was permanent. That state just stayed. As if someone rewired me.

I have had such experiences before, where True words of some enlightened being made me drop into some kind of "tunnel", like Alice in Wonderland did, where I'd lose consciousness and come back different, permanently. Actually, so far these kinds of experiences have changed my life.

So, Dalai Lama is True. We all knew that anyways, did we :) Just confirming :)

Dalai Lama is the only alive Master that I know of at the moment. There might be others that I don't know about. I am talking about big caliber ones, like Yogananda or Gurdjieff (not to mention Jesus or Buddha) and taking students. And "alive" as being in human body. All those guys who are officially "dead" are not dead, they are all over and you can get hold of them at any time if you call them in. Jesus said: every time you call me, I am there, and that is true, I have tried that. Yet, there is something very special and very helpful about experiencing a fellow human being who has reached a high level.

Speaking of role models, I want to learn more about Milarepa, Tibetan saint who was first a really bad guy until he decided to become enlightened, and then he had to work REALLY hard for it, and finally got it. We are all like Milarepa :) If he could do it, I can do it too.

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