Saturday, October 24, 2009

Very cool ethno math sites; rhythm sites; about Oneness

Math teacher told me about ethno math, and it is way cool, there are so many sites!!!! That don't even come up when you search for fractals, etc.
Then go to home page: then - whatever!The African fractals are cool, it lets you make your own.

There is also ALgebra project,

Of course, math has been around forever - old Hawai'ians built boats and sailed for thousands of miles on open sea, they were master mathematicians. Arabs, Chinese, Indians, Egyptians, S. Americans - they all had profound and complex math. Africans with their music, art, living structures. And so on - there is math everywhere and has been everywhere, even recorded, way before the Western European civilization's linear, simple and violent way of thinking took over. Ancient Greeks and Romans are guilty for starting this, and then English,French and German picking it up with their industrial revolution and blowing the planet away.

This seems to be the bad karma of W. Europe - having the intellect to construct things, and choosing to use it for destruction and personal gain regardless of cost to others and the environment.

But not let's chastise "white people" because it's not about color, it's about what is INSIDE, how trained the brain is to work in the Higher modes.
Because, when you take the skin off, we are all red underneath :) says Yogananda.

"White" is actually not the term for color of the skin, but for a very egoistical way of being. People who have skin color in other tones can also be "white".

In Hawai'ian, the term is "haole" - person who doesn't share their breath.


Majority of what is called "human" will discriminate anyone, anywhere, that's the lower human nature.

Every unhealed human being has reasons to feel inferior about something. Regardless of their prestige, color, money, status, etc.

and also tries to be superior to whoever is perceived "weaker" and dominate them.

In unhealed human mind, "weaker" is anything that is: loving, giving, kind, not able/willing to bite you back, anything dependent on you (e.g. children and pets and elderly), etc and also anything DIFFERENT. Unhealed human is scared of anything different.

So the bottom line is what is inside in the mind and the heart. The more evolved we are towards being a real human being, the more we have higher qualities and do not need to kiss up and kick down.

There are other things that need to be brought into attention, and that is the notion of Native or minority.

There are so many different variables - being Native or a minority of any kind does not mean being enlightened. It often means being trained in more awareness and kindness and Oneness. But it doesn't have to be - Native cultures in the past have been quite violent. These days, Native cultures seem to be going towards a more enlightened way because they have to, in order to survive.

There are Native cultures of every kind, including white European.

Being a minority does not mean being enlightened or better in any way. Minorities are majorities in their own environment, where they discriminate and abuse those who they can, those of their own kind, and anyone else who gets on the radar and is seen as an easy target. It's the same stuff that everyone anywhere does :)


An unhealed human is worse than an animal because it operates out of context and destroys for self gain without even blinking.

An unhealed human is simply a complex crazy animal and thinks only of eating and mating and gaining the prestige that makes sure this happens - and doesn't care what means they use to make sure it happens.

The bottom line is that we are all same on the inside - we all start low and should aim for High - and that the only way to achieve something is the training of the inside.

Some personal examples:
I am white and blue eyed and female engineer and immigrant and it is interesting to walk through different worlds and see what it looks like. I have never been discriminated for color in the USA, however I am a foreigner so I have heard Americans say things like: "wow, you look just like us!" etcAs a female engineer, I have heard things like "women will never be good engineers" etc. As a "socially lame person" I have been discriminated in the social circles of many colors, they made fun of me, and often because they raged against something white. People who bitch about being discriminated against, actually discriminate against others. In my own country, I am on the very light side and thus a minority. My ex-husband's family told him to ditch me because I was too pale and they wanted a hot darker chick (because they had dark hair and eyes)In K1-12 school, I was discriminated against by students because I had As, or because I wouldn't smoke behind the school after hours, or because I was bad in sports. I was discriminated against by teachers because I had a very traditional name of the wrong political orientation - name of Serbian queen in communist times...In my own family, I was discriminated against through my entire life because I wouldn't do what they asked me to do, because I knew it was wrong and I said no. So they ditched me.

The lilly white Born Again christian who used to be my friend is a perfect example - a pure American, white with blue eyes, even handsome, even of the proper religion, even of the proper heritage etc - he was discriminated against because he was not rich; and also he felt discriminated against as an adequate male because he was rather small and scrawny. Probably also was picked on and felt bad when he lost his mother as a child. Then he joined the Born Again "christian" church organization that promised to provide him a protective cover - and woila! Suddenly he made himself special and invincible.

So, as you can see, many organizations explot this inherent human bug of feeling inadequate and inferior, and the laziness in many humans to actually do the Inner Work to make themselves into something Higher. We feel bad, we want to feel good instantly - so we join church or whoever promises to give it to us.


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