Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dalai Lama is healing

I came from work feeling very bad, all upset and torn, and then I watched Dalai Lama video. Again, I fell asleep, and woke up completely "erased" as if I was never upset. I could not even remember what to be upset about. I was feeling peaceful and confident.

There are several things: first, what Dalai Lama was talking about made sense. First he spoke about children, and I personally say and believe exactly what he says. So it was comforting to see someone else who has the same world view. Dalai Lama was an example of sanity and good human values.

It was already past midnight and I was tired, so, not surprisingly, I fell asleep towards the end of his talk.

I watched many other shorter videos of him on you tube. It was actually interesting, to see a different "side" of him - from very animated, almost irritated, to being very nice in a company of a very nice female reporter, to sarcastically poking and teasing some "Chinese professors" in the audience, to glowing with happiness when McCain was reading hus statement of support of Tibet. In short, Dalai Lama is quite human.

But his eyes are something else, they are like little fires. There is something in them. Also, when he talks about some Buddhist teachings, there is so much depth in the eyes. It is amazing. Many videos I watched, I just watched Dalai Lama's eyes. Incredible.

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