Monday, November 9, 2009

the funny thing about religion

This born again "christian" was an amazing creature for many reasons, primarily because he was so stoutly defending his religion although he never practiced it.

I mean, the man who was bitterly angry and didn't even speak to his own kids for 10 yrs, not even when they recently LIVED WITH HIM, carried knives in public for probably that many years too - even to prayer in church on Sundays - and never had any remorse nor second thought about it - well, that person is definitely NOT practicing Christianity. I found the guy with knives and I found him living with his own children in the same small apartment and never speaking with them. I forced him to quit all that bad stuff. I forced him. Not his bible nor his church nor his born again friends.

So it is quite obvious that he never practiced any bible nor christianity.

The only thing that he practiced was: everyone is not a child of god unless they accepted jesus as their savior (i.e. dissing about 99% of human population) and you cannot sleep with someone without being married. That's the ONLY two things he practiced under the guise of being "christian", i.e. the only thing he practiced was being closed minded and closed hearted and closed everything. In other words: completely shut off as a human being.

So suddenly he is asked to actually BE a Christian and show some genuine care and compassion, and suddenly - he cannot. "It's not in accordance with the bible"...........

What is amazing is that he is actually a psychiatric case and that's what church uses. They use his guilt feelings about sexuality and his own inability to be a full functional human Being.

One of the nuns I talked with told me that any contact with someone like this can only increase hurt feelings, and that they never change because it is so ingrained in them. Yes indeed.... This fear and this psychological split in the brain must come from earlier childhood, and it is hard to overcome. The person is damaged for life. Unfortunately their damage is very damaging to other people, because they are so shut down and so vicious.

What is amazing is that this man was impotent, wrinkled up, old, alone, and unhappy because of the belief system that he choose, and he got better as soon as he stopped living it, YET he would not let go of it. It is killing him, but he wants it. Also, as a man, he should have wondered where his health is going if he is impotent at a relatively young age. But he never investigated WHY he has all those problems. It was killing him but he wanted it and proudly defended it. That is strange.

In some ways, what he did is steal some tricks from my world that would help him patch up the major holes in his world, for example skin care. However, there is *nothing* that replaces inner peace, that is the only thing that gives nice skin. No cream can do that. So this guy stole some of my secrets, like skin care or drinking water and eating healthy food, but it is not enough to actually produce the results he wants.

You know what is even more weird? He saw himself and yet wouldn't budge. He talked with a Jehova's witness, Mario, and thought that Mario was completely stupid. He even said that he must look like Mario to me. Yet, he thought that his born again stuff was high class and definitely not like Mario. He didn't connect the dots - he WAS a Mario, a stupid brainwashed Mario. I guess that kind of thing is hard to accept, is it. Seeing our own ignorance, cruelty, and plain dumbness. No brain activity whatsoever.

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