Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hooiki court web site

Recently, a couple (with 2 small kids!!!) didn't pay me rent for almost 4 months and moved out leaving the place totally ruined.

As I was walking home alone at sunset on the sidewalk next to the beach, the male ex-tenant drove sloooowly behind me, very close, and yelled at me: Milica, I will take all your money. He made sure he sounded sweet and happy and sure of himself. Then he sloowly drove away.

What a rat, isn't he? There will be temporary restraining orders put against him.

If you want to know who that is, just go to Hooiki court web site. All court things are put there.

He lives by bullying others and living off their energy. He saw a single "nice" female and carefully calculated that he can go for it. A con artist, a criminal like this has their whole life ruined, and forever. May he pay dearly for everything he had done to me. God watches and he will take care. Justice may be slow, but it always arrives.

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