Thursday, November 5, 2009

How your ass can make you popular

Humans are generally stupid and prone to external looks deception, as was confirmed yesterday by my tight black pants.

I got $9 tight black pants on sale and wore them yesterday. I usually wear a lot more plain clothes. But with tight black pants, where my ass is showing - as my mom pointed out - suddenly my social prestige in some circles totally rose up. First, men noticed me, and second, women noticed that.

That's so stupid. It's the same old me, pants or not.

The funny thing is that many people from the dance class wear tight black pants a lot / all the time, and many other ladies all over wear tight black pants all the time. However- I suppose since they wear them all the time, the novelty of it wore off? Dunno! It's hard to phantom this.

The only conclusion that I have is that humans are asleep. What rules them is something I do not understand. It seems like some kind of "I WILL IMPRESS YOU" thing and also some kind of "SEX APPEAL" thing.

I should understand this, actually, because it is all spelled out in Gurdjieff books. And yes, my research confirms what he said. Read Ouspensky's "In Search of Miraculous".

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