Thursday, November 19, 2009

Is healing others possible?

Today I had two experiences. I spoke with Alice McDowell, a spiritual guide who works in Ithaca Light on the Hill retreat center. She didn't have any solutions for my problem. She just listened and said a few things and offered a few ideas. Her mere presence was soothing and clarifying. She cares for me. That' s all that matters. Then I can calm down and the solutions come to me, naturally, from my own Source. So, talking with Alice was like a breath of fresh air. I was completely different. Just after 20 mins of interaction with her.

Then I had an encounter with a "shaman" kind of person who loves to "heal others". He offered himself and his buddies (whom he didn't even ask) to "do a healing on me" to help me with a certain issue. He diagnosed my problem as forcing my own will and offered help with that.

My response:

So I am wondering who is asking whom :) It is not possible to heal anyone, isn't that clear to you? The only person anyone can heal is only themselves. By offering to "heal" me, you are actually saying that I am "broken" and you are not, and thus you will perform this magic and fix me. It is a very very arrogant and very dangerous position to be oh-so-good and running around fixing others who are broken.

You are playing hookey and avoiding your own Work.

So, instead of "doing something to others to fix them" you need to do some Inner Work on yourself.

You can always say a prayer for me. Seems like one of the things I need help with is breaking a certain "curse" that makes me always self sabotage. The bottom line of that, just like the bottom line for everyone, is to have my will be the will of God. Just like Jesus prayed - not mine, but Thy will be done.

That is the common thread between any human, and you oh so great healer, are not an exempt to that either. You also, just like me, just like anyone else, need to work on that "Thy will be done."

Don't you see, you cannot help me, nor anyone else, unless you help yourself first. That ain't a little Phil 8 workshop..... It's a lot more demanding. You can say a prayer for someone else, but 99.99% of your time should be in your own meditation and prayer.

Anyways, I think we talked it over and I am done on my side. You are in this "fix others" camp and I am done with that stage in life. I cannot fix others. I can only Work on myself. That helps others, indirectly.

Why don't you pray and meditate and surrender to Inner Vision yourself :)

I will know when you actually do it, because your mere presence will be healing. There will be a certain presence inside.

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