Thursday, November 5, 2009

update on googling business

After I asked my questions about different planets, the club boy who googled me is not googling me anymore, he is making sure to avoid me. Probably because he realizes that you cannot pair up people from different planets, maybe he already found someone, etc. In any case - he is gone, quickly hightailed it out of my sight asap. The only thing left of him is a quick disappearance into the clubs.

I was thinking - it's like going to get drunk to forget your sorrows. He goes to clubs where he can find people who will adore him and cater to him and where he feels special and in control. It's a drug.

Born Again "christian" runs to hide behind a bible. The club guy runs to hide behind some skirts. The drug addicts run to hide behind some drug trips.

weakness and smallness.

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