Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2nd full moon

Is tomorrow! Very rare occassion.

I am completing a 5-day cleanse by Young Living. Amazing stuff. I used some "powder food" they sell called Balance Complete. It replaces meals. You just dissolve 2 scoops in water. Also, you take wolfberry juice, and a lot of it. And, you take a pill with pepermint essential oil and a few other digestive/cleanse oils. And that's all you eat, three times a day, plus some tiny snakcs, like: 1/2 cup of blueberries, 2 tbsp of sunflower seeds, 1plum for the whole day. And, lots of water to flush it all out.

First, I was hungry the first day, and headachey and weak, somewhat feverish. I was doing computer work and that didn't help, probably, my eyes and my brain were exausted. Then I did a healing treatment, and that made me feel better.
So in the evening it became better and I danced around the room.
I woke up the next morning feeling like OOOOhhhhhh, what a relief ... it felt good in my body.

The second day was rough - I woke up ok but went back to sleep, and then had dark red puffy under my eyes, I felt weak and hungry. I felt feverish sometimes. My kidney was complaining a little sometimes. I was headachy and tired and weak and really off for most of the day. Detox symptoms... I was doing computer work again.
I did some healings and it changed everything, I felt better. By the evening, I was tired but feeling a lot better.

This morning, I woke up just fine, and was very fine, very energetic and clear all day long, and I did many healing treatments, outcalls, I was working all day long and on very difficult cases, lugging my table around, driving, ... I worked in some very fancy beach homes, very clean and orderly and just beautiful. The last treatment was at my house and it was powerful spiritual lesson in Love and Oneness and my home feels somehow refreshed.

***** Well, isn't that a pattern - I do healing treatments and that makes me feel good. I do computer work and it makes me feel lousy. IT IS TIME I SEE THAT FOR WHAT IT IS. Although I kinda liked what I was studying on the computer, still.

Also, because I was so busy and people were coming in and I didn't really eat on time. I would get up at 9, then eat breakfast at 10, then lunch would be at 2.... sometimes at 4pm... Today I ate dinner at 8:30pm... Today I felt tired because I did an outcall which was a little bit over the edge. I really should have not done it.

Also, I don't miss food.... Shopping, cooking, cleaning, eating -it all takes so much time. On the other hand, I look at that powder I am taking and I think how artificial it is and how removed I am from the land eating something like that. I need to be in touch with the bounty of the Earth.

I do get hungry now and I look at some stuff on my fridge and I am tempted a little, but then - not really. I notice I am tempted more with the carob coated raisins and not with pumkin and sunflower seeds. Hm - cravings, what in me wants to eat those. Candida, parasites, ...

Today I lay down with Yogananda's "sing thy name" CD with monks and 2000 devotees singing, and that was powerful. I just lost consciousness and woke up 30 mins later, totally refreshed.

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