Sunday, January 17, 2010

what am I doing at the farmer's market

Hi, X,
sorry I didn't really answer your question about what I am doing at the farmer's market :) I was still thinking of of your cat and all other cats around here with HIV. How did they get it? Take care of yourself, if I were you it would definitely be a spiritual practice to say bye to your cat. And, why do cats around here get it, and how can it be prevented and healed. A big issue to ponder :)

Anyways, what I am doing at the market is spreading my fame. I can fix someone's neck pain, etc. in 10-15-20 minutes. That's pretty awesome and very very rare, so people talk about it. So, it is important that they get to witness that at the market and see for themselves. I meet people from all over, and after I fix whatever pain they had, they voluntarily put me into travel brochures, etc., so it is really a way to world fame. :)

That's what I am doing there, for the time being. I can do it now while I don't have family obligations. It is really a little bit of a luxury because it pays little for the time invested. However, I consider it advertising expense :) Yellow pages doesn't work for what I do :)

I should have my own booth and spread my brand name. I have nothing to do with the guy who shares the booth with me, he is a roomate of the market owner and she asked me to share the booth, to save the space.

So, that's what I am doing there.

Thanks for listening:)

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