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Restorative North Shore Massage and Bodywork by Milica

About Milica and HumanRemodeling

Human RemodelingTM: Massage that Works

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Dear friends,

Welcome! How are you? May you have good health, vibrancy, and zest for life, enjoying this brief journey on Earth.

Our gift to you on your journey is HumanRemodelingTM by Milica.

Ahui ho! I am looking forward to working with you!

About HumanRemodelingTM:

If you could use a good massage, you will love Milica's HumanRemodelingTM!

HumanRemodelingTM is a holistic approach to wellness using bodywork and self awareness. It is tailored to each client individually and provides more lasting and effective results. Benefits include increased circulation, release of tight areas, decrease in discomfort, and overall increase of feeling of well-being. Check out the testimonials! You may even get a taste of what is possible at the walk-in clinic.

HumanRemodelingTM is unique to Milica. Milica is a Master therapist who, according to testimonials of her experienced clients, is one of the best in the world. She is unique and refreshing - an engineering Ph.D. with a bright mind, astute perception, keen intuition, problem solving abilities, excellent training, and gifted hands. Her holistic service is about education and healing through bodywork and awareness.  Milica is a licensed massage therapist trained by the best schools and ancient healing lineages. She is endorsed as "gifted and very good at what she does" by both clients and experienced bodyworkers. 

This level of knowledge, skill, and effectiveness is possible and attained only through an intensive and continued training in specialized schools of highest caliber.

In other words, HumanRemodelingTM is light years beyond massage school.

HumanRemodelingTM Services emphasize structural integration and body-mind-emotion-spirit connection, and include the following massage and bodywork techniques:

·    Hawaiian lomilomi massage

·    Okazaki restorative massage

·    shiatsu

·    neuromuscular therapy (NMT)

·    craniosacral therapy (CST)

·    aromatherapy and raindrop therapy

·    hot stone massage

·    pregnancy (prenatal) massage

Bodywork sessions usually include:

·    myofascial release and trigger point work

·    lymphatic massage

·    reflexology

·    some Bowen technique

·    rolfing tecniques.

HumanRemodelingTM specialty is orthopedic and sports massage, including injuries. It can help release tight spots, aches and pains, so that you can be happy and enjoy your active life, pain-free. Each client gets a personalized treatment. We work together to find what works for you. Each session addresses what we might call mind-body connection and education necessary to maintain this sense of wellness. Rates are very reasonable.

HumanRemodelingTM is available in Waialua, next to Haleiwa, on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Outcalls are possible. If you are vacationing in a nice place, it is more convenient to have massage at your location, perhaps on a lanai overlooking the beach. Vacation is a great time to be remodeled! There is plenty of time to relax and soak it all in.  Also, advising service can be provided over the phone.

Call 808.351.0848 to make an appointment. 

If you want to taste what is possible, Sunday mornings chair massage is first-come-first-serve at Haleiwa country market near downtown Haleiwa, next to Haleiwa bypass. Arrive early to avoid waiting line.

More specific descriptions of services and rates are in the services and rates section. To read more about Milica, please click on About Milica. The underlying philosophy of our work is in the Concept section. The testimonials are stunning, and if you need any work done, you will look for Human Remodeling!

Call 808.351.0848 or

Email contactAThumanremodelingDOTcom  

Gift certificates are available.

About Milica:

At the most basic level, Milica is a licensed massage therapist and a professional member of a massage organization (ABMP). Licence is required by law in order to practice massage. In terms of real work, it is useless, since massage schools teach very little and often wrong. Education has to be sought elsewhere. 

High level of knowledge, skill, and effectiveness is possible and attained only through an intensive and continued training in specialized schools of highest caliber. In other words, HumanRemodeling is way beyond massage school.

As a Master Therapist, Milica has decades of advanced training and experience. These are some of her most important qualifications:

Graduate and postgraduate of
Ohashi institute in New York. Worked as instructor in training, prepared to teach workshops on behalf of Ohashi Institute. Closely worked and taught with Mr. Ohashi at Omega Institute.

Okazaki massage and lomilomi trained in Hawai'i by the Elders.

Trained by leading Western experts in orthopedic and medical massage, such as James Waslaski

Graduate of Upledger Institute's craniosacral therapy I

Counselor/healer trained by Barbara Ann Brennan's graduate, IM School of Healing Arts.

Herbalist/nutritionist in the Wise Woman tradition

Native American trained

Reiki Master

Martial artist





Trained by Life 

Trained by formal schooling, with a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering

Regular meditator 

Supervised by Paramahansa Yogananda, Native Elders, and Gourdjieff International Foundation

And yes, her eyes are naturally deep blue.



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