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A/C is Bad for Health

copyright 2009 by Milica Barjaktarovic  


A/C is bad for everyone's health. 

That's my take on outdoor A/Cs: They are vulgar devices designed to torture everyone: the whole neighborhood is tortured with noise while the owner tortures his sinuses and kidneys, completely oblivious of anyone else and publicly demonstrating inconsideration and snobism. 

Any bully with $100 and no consideration about his/her neighbors can plop an A/C unit on their window and make the neighborhood look like a gheto polluted by noise. 

Plus, window A/C units and outside box central A/C units are obsolete technology. They are dinosaurs.

A/Cs are for supermarkets and shopping malls, for frozen meat and milk and other perishables. Homes are not supermarkets nor shopping malls. Humans are not perishables. Humans are designed to sweat. If they are healthy, that is. If someone finds it uncomfortably hot, they are due for a health checkup.

If someone really needs an A/C, they are:

  1. sick and physically weak and/or physically unsuitable for the local climate - why their heart cannot take the local climate? Therefore:

  2. they need to move to a colder, more suitable climate for them. 

  3. If they are too poor to move, they need to buy an indoor A/C. 

Indoor A/Cs are a lot more quiet, consume less power, and even have HEPA filters that clean the air. They cost a little bit more but make it up with smaller monthly electric bill. If someone needs an A/C, ok, so be it, the devil has its own tastes. Whatever those tastes are, they should be kept private from the neighbors. If someone needs an A/C, they should buy an indoor A/C and stop torturing the neighborhood. They should torture themself in the privacy of their own home. 

Outside A/C thing clunks all day, which can be ignored, and all night, which makes it difficult to sleep. Instead of listening to crickets and other Natural soothing sounds that we humans are entitled to listen to, neighbors of the bully (as well as the bully himself! that stuff is noisy inside his home too) have to listen to some machine drone. In the country, it is plain torture because the noise is so off the chart, too loud and too artificial. In the city, when it finally gets quiet at night, the A/C noise doesn't leave any time of quiet respite from the daily noise and thus people never rest, and thus just go more bananas. It drives one insane to listen to mechanical drone all the time. 

Besides complete lack of consideration for the neighbors, the A/C owner demonstrates several other things: lack of environmental awareness and lack of health awareness. 

The owner demonstrates that they have money to pay for an exorbitant electric bill and absolutely no concern about the environment and conserving energy. The Earth can go to hell, governments can keep on building nuclear and coal power plants, countries can go to war and kill for oil. People need to run their A/Cs! Peace and conservation come last. Personal comfort at any cost comes first. That's greed and complacency at its worst. People claim they want "change" yet how can it happen when energy is needed for such stupidities like A/C and lawns?

Also, the A/C owner demonstrates that they are dedicated to their own health demise. A/C is an unhealthy device because it recycles old air, so first and foremost, there is no more fresh air so breathing and health becomes difficult, plus often A/C filters are typically not changed and cleaned, so the recycled air is stale AND full of mold, bacteria, viruses, and who knows what else. People who live in A/C interiors always have headaches, dizziness, and sinus problems. The body gets stiff and arthritic from cold. The sweating mechanism stops working and thus detoxification doesn't happen anymore and body loses proper chemical balance. Chemical imbalance leads to things like cancer. 

So don't complain if you have all those health problems. Sure, come for a massage, I will take your money, but I rather not. I rather have us all live in a more healthy environment. 

What is a healthier way to live life? With windows opened (or closed, depending on climate), in suitable house built for the climate, in suitable clothes, with dark curtains over windows so that there is shade. 

In Hawaii, it means opening the windows and doors to get the breeze in and covering windows with dark, preferably black or navy curtains (no reds!), and wearing as little clothes as possible. A sarong and a bathing suit will do it. And that's it. A few simple measures is enough. And if you sometimes sweat - well, sweating is good for you. It helps to detoxify. People who live a long life, sweat every day.

Hawaii is paradise - God made it the most perfect climate on Earth. Whoever finds fault with this climate and needs to tinker with it, is committing blasphemy imo. If the most perfect climate on Earth needs A/C, then something is very wrong. People are telling God he didn't do His job well enough.

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