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Causes of Tight Areas

copyright 2011 by Milica Barjaktarovic  


HumanRemodeling sessions always include basic anatomy and stretching education, and always include reflections on thoughts, emotions, and life habits, because they can and do influence our bodies.  Everything starts from the structural balance and our thoughts. Both have to be equally addressed. Read about what HumanRemodelingTM does here.

HumanRemodelingTM remodels you and gives you a jump start to a new life. Then it is your job to maintain your newly remodeled property, i.e. yourself. For that, you need to better understand how your body works.

If an inner organ is sick, it will create knots in the muscles (which will then make it harder for the organ to get healthy). In this case, it will be good to work on the tight area to jump start the healing process, and the healing will require that the organ get healthy. For example, tight abdomen (due to wrong foods, stress, illness, injury, bad posture, or whatever) will cause lower back pain. The person with those symptoms will have to change their diet, quit drinking, quit sugar, drink more water, eat more slowly, etc.

If the body gets tight, then a healthy organ will eventually get sick because it will not have enough circulation. For example, shrugging the shoulders and tightening the neck when we are cold and huddling to warm up, or scrunching under intense stress is often a precursor to getting a sore throat or headache. Tight tissues have less defensive ability. 

Very often tightness is due to emotional stress.  For example, divorce, separation, jobs, kids, overwork, etc.  For example, tightening every time you think about your ex-from-hell will cause literal heart pains and twisted intestines, which will trigger tight neck, headaches, and lower-back problems.

Sometimes tightness is due to lack of physical ability to do something. For example, weak wrists are more prone to carpal tunnel syndrome. Very-much-pronounced right-hand people have issues with their left side. Try

Sometimes it is the environment that is not conducive to well being. For example, we live with an alcoholic, or our boss is abusive, or we don't get along with our roommates (which also could happen to be our spouse and kids). The toxicity can be environmental; for example, moldy carpets, dust,  new rugs with chemical smell, A/C that was never cleaned out and is just spewing dust and microbes.

Sometimes our lifestyle is not ergonomic, for example we walk with our head first, or have a non-ergonomic computer setup, or talk on the phone all the time.

Very often our tight areas are old, often we carry knots for years. For example, that car accident from 10 years ago can be still felt as a tightness in the neck. Throwing out the lower back 20 yrs ago is still felt today. Unless it is resolved, it stays there!

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