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How is Bodywork Related to Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering?

copyright 2011 by Milica Barjaktarovic  


Clients often ask me how is my electrical engineering Ph.D. related to bodywork? It is very much related. First, engineering is about problem solving. That's what HumanRemodeling is all about, and that's why each client gets individualized treatment. This is one of the most fascinating aspects of HumanRemodelingTM and something that amazes most everyone.

Second, human organism is basically an electromagetic grid. I troubleshoot people and reconnect their circuits. It is never the same and I always have to learn. I find that complexity fascinating, it satisfies my Mensa IQ mind. Those of you who do not have Mensa IQ will have to trust me on that one, and those of you who do, know exactly what I am talking about :)

Third, Ph.D. taught me to learn very fast. I am an expert in learning quickly and applying new knowledge immediately. Sometimes I even create new bodywork moves on the spot. Sometimes I just saw a move on some book or brochure and I can replicate it.

Third, engineering taught me to understand the principles first. Because I understand the principles of how techniques work, I can replicate them or invent new ones.

Forth, engineering taught me to read maps and follow procedures. That is why I can follow the circuitry of human body.

Fifth, electrical engineering is the most abstract yet practical field that I know of. The maps that it uses are about invisible circuits that very much produce tangible effects. To understand those abstract concepts and to follow the math and the "logic" behind it is amazing. That's exactly what bodywork is all about too.

Last but not least: it is all possible because of meditation and yoga, which I do regularly. That is the secret ingredient that helps me to enter higher realms of information integration.


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