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God Heals, Therapist Administers

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A lady called me to ask me if I would teach her Reiki. I asked her to tell me more about herself. She proceeded to tell me how she has these healing abilities and she just guesses correctly for people and how she "helps" and how she wishes that people change and how people thank her and how that makes her so happy and how she suffers for people. 

I said that I will teach her Reiki only from the point of view that we never fix or suffer for anyone. That God heals and therapist administers. That our own little self has no role in the whole deal except to somehow arrange the whole situation and remind the client to hook up with God again. And therefore the healer must be healed first. How can we remind anyone of anything unless we are an obvious example? 

The woman never called again. Most people are like that, ready to fix the world. The hardest thing is to fix oneself first and thus provide meticulous service and thus provide a shining example of what God life is like. A true healer is dedicated to that.


Long time ago when I was young and foolish, I believed that I was very spiritual and pure and that I was going to save the world. Since then, I lost too many illusions about my own purity and am humbled about the amount of personal work I need to do. Also, I realized how powerful and tempting trap it is to believe we are ok and how we will fix others. It disempowers the people and makes them somehow broken, and makes us too good. In other words, it is arrogance at play. Also, laziness, to do any personal work but rather dictate to others what to do. That is a really big trap for healers. 

Another huge trap is to be hooked on people thanking us, and "getting healed." If we expect people to get healed, then we get angry if they don't get healed. Our image depends on something external. Again, only God knows about that person and their path. We can do only what we feel is the best course, and provide the best service we can. 

All those traps are about feeling special as a healer. Sometimes we feel special because we imagine we are sacrificing and suffering for people. Bologney. 

Another trap is to expect money for services. Money, accolades, etc. Then we are forcing people into kissing ass. That means we are forcing them to be dishonest, and that is definitely not healing. 

On the other hand, being a healer requires disciplining others. If they try to get service and not pay, if they are not respectful, then they should not have it. They don't value it. 

Overall, it is a dance, where both client and healer have to work together and call the God in and follow His directions.

God knows it all. Nobody else does. 


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