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Good fun: totally mandatory and completely fun

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Good fun is a must for healing and good health. Why? Because it is relaxing, which provides tissues with enough circulation and nourishment. It is not taxing on the body but rather lets the body heal. It is a meditative state. Good fun happens when we take ourselves and earthly life with a grain of salt, when we appreciate our life as a Gift from God, and enjoy every bit of it. Take good fun very seriously. There was a man who healed himself from cancer by watching Charlie Chaplin movies and laughing.... 

So, how do we have good fun? That is a topic that many people didn't learn as children. In some households, good fun is to make fun of each other, or to get drunk, or to "get girls", or to gossip, or to stuff your face, or to watch tv at nauseum, or whatever. Sometimes good fun sounds terribly boring and we try to avoid doing it. Let's see what we are used to.

Good fun is to:

a. eat nice dinner and then eat one scoop of my favorite icecream and truly savor it

b. eat drive-in burger and fries, then gollop 1/2 package of my favorite icecream in the car

c. skip dinner and eat the whole icecream package with some oreos on top instead


Good fun is to:

a. go out and get drunk and wake up the next day in some other bed

b. have a potluck with some friends and play charades, frisbee, and talk story

c. go out with some friends to a concert and reception we hate but must go to to look good 


Good fun is to:

a. go for a 10 mile run without stretching to see how far we can get

b. stretch, run the usual, stretch

c. stay home, watch TV, eat on the couch, and feel rotten


Obviously, there are some answers that are better than others :) 

Have you watched children? Their families and school teachers can certainly certify :) that children have endless energy. Why?

This is the secret: a human being who is healthy is naturally curious, energetic, zappy, and having fun. Everything is interesting and fun. (Of course, we get tired and emotional, but in a healthy being, those states are temporary and pass rather quickly, just like in children - when they are tired, they rest, when they are angry, they forget it fast.) We are talking chronic states here.

So, when we are not having fun, we are not 100% healthy. We are probably: tired, depressed, tight, malnourished, dehydrated, stale, etc. Some good food, some water, some fresh air, some exercise and a good massage can really help here. A tremendous amount of energy is wasted when tissue is tight. When that tension is released and the energy made available, bingo! LIFE IS GLORIOUS.

Telling it as it is, from a lot of experience :)


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