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There are pains that can be helped only medically - broken bones, torn ligaments, pregnancy, cancer, etc. This article will talk about pains that can be helped using massage therapy and bodywork. Some pains can be really helped, for example carpal tunnel syndrome, and some can be just relieved, for example arthritis pains.

Experiencing pain is a sign from the body that something is off. Imagine that your car starts having trouble and throws a red light. Would you just turn off the red light on your car? Or would you fix the problem? In the case of the body, turning off the light is equivalent to taking some pills, drugs, or escaping and denying in any other way - drinking, working, dating, sleeping, ... Whatever will make you "forget" about the "red light." But it doesn't really go away... It gets worse if unattended. So, what do we do? 

Step 1 is to get informed, monitor, do some self repairs, and eventually take your body to the body mechanic.

Let's expand on what we talked about in the introduction. 

What can be causes of pain?

1. Organ malfunction, due to some "clogging" in the function of the organ. For example, if you drank too much last night, the clogging of the kidneys and liver will cause terrible tight neck and back, and pains there. Constipation due to traveling, stress, lack of exercise, wrong foods, etc. will cause tight lower back. Intestinal spasms due to whatever cause - e.g. being allergic to something you ate yesterday, being allergic to your mother in law visiting, stress at work - will definitely throw the lower back. Having a bladder infection, kidney stones, liver overload, etc. will all unbalance the back.

2. Tightness in the connective tissue, due to stress of some kind - injury, emotional stress, bad posture, poor ergonomics, extra weight, lack of stretching, ...  For example, let's say you sit at the computer all day long and never stretch. Will that cause discomfort or not? Especially if you add the deadlines and office politics? Or, let's say you went running for 10 miles and came home limping. Or, pulled a really heavy box off a shelf. Or, carried the crying baby around all night long. Or, you carry the baby in and out, up and down, all day long, every day. 

Items 1 and 2 are related, like chicken and an egg. If tissues are tight, the organs will malfunction, and vice versa. For example,  when I severed a bad long distance relationship over the phone, I promptly developed a sore throat, in the sunny warm Hawaii, in the middle of the summer. I just wanted to shout at that sob and my whole neck was super tight. The throat pain went away instantly when I massaged my neck. The main healing was to let go of hoping about the boyfriend. 

So, as we can see, our bodies respond to everything. There is a definite connection and it cannot be ignored. 

In short: there is no shortcut. The underlying causes have to be identified and addressed. It takes time and effort, but is worth it. We live only once. Do we spend it this way or that way is up to us.

Telling it as it is, from a lot of experience :)


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