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Importance of Pelvis

copyright 2008 by Milica Barjaktarovic  


All Oriental bodywork techniques include abdominal massage because it is a way to access pelvis. 

Why is pelvis so important? For many reasons. The pelvis provides the basis for the spine as well as attachment for the legs.  The spine has to carry the 7-10 pounds of neck. The legs needs to carry us through every step.  There are many organs in the pelvic area, which need some kind of "squeezing" to get circulation. The pelvis hosts the muscles that connect the lower back with the legs, as well as abdominal muscles. Those two sets of muscles plus the long back muscles have to be balanced in order to keep the posture straight.  

In short, pelvis is a very important "meeting" place, supporting the legs, the spine, the abdomen and the lower back and thus the whole body, and providing the foundation for good posture. 

Let's start with the pelvis and the legs. If the pelvis is tight, the legs cannot possibly move as efficiently,  gracefully and fluidly as they should. Period. If the pelvis is tight, the legs will hurt, and/or develop varicose veins and other problems. So, efficient movement and healthy legs requires stretching the pelvis.  

Next, let's explore the connection between the abdomen, lower back and pelvis.

The abdominal muscles tend to get tight when we feel stress. Tomas Hanna has excellent books on Somatics. Also,  21st century living habits cause tightening of the abdomen - the junk and processed and too soft food we eat, the postures we have hunched over ccmputers and driving wheels and at the desk, the stress, improper movement, ... 

The abdominal muscles end in the pelvis. If tight, then pull on the entire pelvic floor, thus causing the body to "bend over" and give it that hunched look.

The muscle that passes through the pelvis as it ties the low back and the legs is called a psoas, and it blends together with the muscle that lines the hips, called iliacus. Iliopsoas is responsible for bending the hip - when we sit, drive, run, etc. In short, it gets overused in our daily lives. When it is tight, it pulls the lower spine, because it starts there. 

So, there is a tug-of-war between abdominal muscles and iliopsoas, and the place where the tug is usually felt is the pelvis. 

If there is an imbalance between the abdominal and those back/front muscles, as there usually is, the pelvis becomes tilted (the behind sticks out)  and thus it throws off the lower back, which throws off the spine and the head. 

The head is heavy, it weighs about 7-10 lbs. When the head is off the center line,  it moves forward, which pulls on the neck muscles. Some of the neck muscles are so long, they end up in the pelvis, and further tighten it. Some neck muscles are connected to the ribs and affect the breathing. Some neck muscles are connected to the scapula (i.e. the wings) and cause the shoulders to go up towards the ears. 

Therefore, a tight pelvis throws off the entire back and neck, and thus will cause lower back ache, forward head syndrome, neck ache, and many other issues.  

In terms of organs, the pelvis is a host to a myriad of important internal organs. Lack of circulation in the pelvic area will pose problems for the prostate, bladder, ovaries, uterus, large intestine, small intestine, and all the organs in the pelvic area.  Thus, tight pelvis might affect digestion, elimination, and reproductive functions. (The vice versa holds true:  e.g. if the intestines are not happy, they throw off the lower back, etc.)

In short, pelvis is a critical component of human body, just like all other parts. That is obvious to anyone who is a balanced human being on all levels, like someone Hawai'ian. But how come most Westerners understand how our hands or arms or legs or neck are important, but we do not pay attention to the pelvis? Pelvis gets neglected in the West because the whole Western civilization is very "heady" and mental, without regards to emotions or body, and because of typical prudish attitudes leftover from traditional western religions, where the body and sexuality are forbidden. 

Unfortunately, renouncing the body and the pelvis does not solve anything, but rather makes the whole issue a very touchy topic that makes people feel guilty and do all kinds of immature things, and of course affects the health negatively, in all ways. When we live in our head, when we "disown" our body and esp. the pelvis and try not to feel it, it gets neglected, and our health suffers. 

So, let's understand that our bodies are ok, feeling them does not make us go out and jump on the first person passing by (if we did that, there would be no difference between humans and animals - which might be true for some humans, but hopefully we evolved some!), and that pelvis is equally important as any other body part. 

Shake it, loosen it, move it freely, and let your body feel the comfort and the ease of being balanced and totally loved and taken care of. 


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