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Low Back Pain and Health

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The link title is about low back pain,  because most people will start searching for info when their back hurts. Can we appreciate the back while it is doing its job correctly? 

The very basic tips are spelled out in the article on the basic pelvis care. It contains the link to the infamous and highly effective pelvic tilt, etc. This is very very important. Following prescriptions from this article can make your back feel almost normal in very little time.

For stretching and immediate help to the back, read the  importance of pelvis and dance therapy

The back, and esp. the lower back, has a lot of important duties. It has to hold up the entire trunk and spine, and the head. The head itself weighs about 7-10lbs. Gravity exerts pressure and tries to compress the entire upright structure down. Stress does the same thing. Driving, sitting, physical labor, ... all try to put us down. Also, bad foods influence the lower back, because the intestines go into spasm and upset their neighbor, the lower back. 

So, how do we take care of the back, and esp. the low back? The key is the pelvis. Stretching the pelvis stretches the low back and keeps it in good shape. Also, we eat well, eliminate properly, and drink enough water. We try to avoid the sugar lows and thus eat a snack in the mid-afternoon, so that we avoid accidents. 

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