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Massage Therapy and Bodywork Employment

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Massage employment is possible through private practice and by working for someone else, e.g. a spa or a chiropractor.

In short: if you are really good and can fix injuries and do human remodeling, then go private. That's where the money and fun is. You are your boss. Unless you find a place that pays very well and will appreciate your healing work. Warning: a spa or chiropractor might not appreciate your healing work, because healing work means that sometimes clients are challenged in their habits, and you don't want anyone complaining to your boss. 

Building up a clientele can take some time, also advertising and learning the ropes of business etc. so you might have to start at a spa or some other place, and/or have another job conducive to having clients. 

As you are building that practice, PRAY for the type of clients you want to work in. Specialize in something you suffered from, so that you Know what it's like. Keep on learning. Check out the requirements for the therapist. This will be your lifestyle. 

Other people who go private are those who like doing their own thing and have lots of friends who refer clients, although the massage is not all that spectacular. Different people need different things - some want someone to talk to, or someone to flirt with, or someone interesting to go to, or whatever. Check out my blog for some ideas :) For example, hypothetically, let's say you are a so-so massage therapist but you are very good in keeping company to elderly and you give them lots of attention and warm feelings, and you have lots of clients who keep on referring you. Who cares if you are not top notch? Although you cannot really fix their aches and pains, they will love you to  massage them and will provide you with a thriving practice. 


Go to work for someone else if you are just starting, if you have no experience, if for some reason you need a guaranteed paycheck and no worries about paperwork and running an office, if you are not so good as a massage therapist, you like doing light relaxation massages and no challenge. Go work for a spa, chiropractor, clinic, etc. They are very likely to pay lousy. If they do pay well, great, it's very easy to just show up at work and do some massages. If they pay little, then ... look for something else you are good at. No sense in wasting one's life. 

And be aware, there are massage shops which expect less than straight massage. A respectable spa usually eliminates those worries. Check out the place first. Ask them how they book you. 

Telling it as it is, from a lot of experience :)


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