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Nuff Dogs and Hotels in Hawaii

copyright 2009 by Milica Barjaktarovic  


When I first arrived to Hawaii, in 2003, the beaches around here were clean, I could sit on sand. It was very difficult to rent or own a home if you had a dog, and most buildings were dog-forbidden. 

Now, everyone seems to have a dog, and a big one, usually. The beach and the beach walkway are full of dog poo. It is disgusting. It is everywhere. It stinks. It is something to avoid stepping into. It is completely unsightly. I never sit on bare sand anymore. And I make sure to wash off sand well, just in case there was some parasites and other stuff from dog poo. 

The dogs also run around without a leash and even jump on strangers to "say hi!" which is completely counter to proper dog etiquette. First, some people don't like dogs, some people are even scared of dogs, and second, dogs can bite, bark, and cause problems. It is really rude when the owner doesn't call their misbehaving pet and yells at the victim that "It's ok, he/she is friendly." Who cares! Assume the person doesn't want to know their dog, if that is a possibility the dog owner could comprehend. Dog owners are typically self centered and think their pet is the center of the universe and everyone wants to meet it. No, quite on the contrary. Dogs are like children - children are not supposed to jump on every stranger to say hi. They are supposed to behave. Dogs are supposed to stay close to their owner and never express interest in strangers, unless the stranger comes over on their own volition and gets the permission to pet them. That's good manners. 

Speaking of bad manners and being self centered: hotel owners are in that category too.

Another thing littering our beaches around here is hotels, and all the hoola boola like traffic, restaurants and shops that go with it. "The tourist attraction." 

I talked with a lady who lives in Veil, Colorado. She complained how North Shore is "boring", there is no shopping, etc. just Nature. Then she said that Veil used to be natural, and it was so nice. Now too many people moved in and now it is so busy with all kinds of buildings, people, activities, and way too commercial. I commented: well, just like you here, newcomers to Veil wanted the "entertainment" and made it from a nice town into a commercial hubbub. Do you want N. Shore to become like that? She bit her lip. She got it. 

So, nuff hotels. They cause traffic, crowds of people looking for the same things as back home - craziness, shopping, entertainment, etc. etc. People who just trash the place. Local people see little from the hotels. Maybe some badly paid jobs, and maybe some cheap crazy business, that's all, in exchange for killing the land forever. Then the tourists will go somewhere else, looking for that Natural special feel that they don't know how to enjoy and need to be educated about.

Everyone is looking about peace and quiet, and something Special, and when they find it, do they know how to keep it that way? 

I believe that the future of tourism here will be to provide that kind of environment and that kind of education. That's why people came to Hawaii - for some aloha, relaxing in a pretty natural setting. 

If tourists want bars, crowds, activities, they can go to Waikiki. Waikiki is already ruined and is a tourist ghetto for that kind of tourist. Nobody is in Waikiki to relax and enjoy Hawaii. Waikiki can be anywhere else on the planet. The only thing that matters is that it is warm so everything happens outside and is easy to handle. Waikiki could be anywhere else and nobody would even notice as long as it is warm and there are palm trees.

North Shore must stay a pristine natural environment with turtles and seals and corals and clean sea. 



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