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The Importance of Stretching

copyright 2008 by Milica Barjaktarovic  


Why is stretching so important? The reason is very simple: massage and bodywork is only 1 hour per week. OK, maybe 1.5 hrs. Maybe twice per week. But how about the rest of all those 24/7 hours that we are on our own? 

Client stretching is a must for massage and bodywork and general healing long term success. Period. 

There are specific stretches that everyone gets assigned based on what they need to stretch. 

There are some stretches that are more universal, like stretching the pelvis and spine. Most of us these days need to stretch the top of the body as well, and make sure that the neck does not go forward. 

There are less fun and more fun way to stretch. If you are smart, you will find a way that works for you. For example, I would not do yoga on my own because I find it boring. But I will go to a yoga class. On my own, I will do self massage, some stretching, dancing, walking and swimming. Doing tai-chi for 1 hour is fun for me. I love martial arts and it just "clicks" for me. 

Find out what works for you and stick to it! You will, if it is truly fun. You will huff and puff and sweat and enjoy every minute of it, and go back for more. Your life will just blossom.

Have FUN! 

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