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Someone told me they desire to be a teacher. First, we are all teachers, all the time. We teach by personal example. We teach others about the state of being, about the thinking process, and about relationship skills, to name a few. In short, we teach all the time, by mere presence. People observe what we do and what we are like and they learn from us.
Formally, teaching means .. what? And why is this teacher position so coveted? Being a teacher carries tremendous power in some ways and it might be tempting to dole it over others. In fact, many teachers in preschools - K12 do work like that, especially for the very small children. It is so easy and so tempting to rule over others. Children are especially prone because they are helpless and their survival depends on adults' approval.
However, being a teacher is actually a tremendous responsibility on the part of the teacher, because this position of authority has the potential to improve or ruin someone's life. Students take your comments seriously and personally. If a teacher makes one snide remark, the student remembers - for the rest of their life, sometimes. Many budding artists stopped their work because a teacher criticized their work.
So, being a teacher is a responsibility, and requires carefull steps, never abusing the trust and the priviledges. Most people want their leaders to be strong and fearless and to give them orders. In short, most people want a "daddy" figure, someone who will take care of them and tell them what to do. Being a teacher means stepping over such traps and going for the real thing. It is a vey humbling job.

Our Nature is Healing and Nature Helps Us

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