Saturday, September 12, 2009

How nicely God works in our lives!

There is a photo of Paramahansa Yogananda on my office wall. Most of my clients see it and recognize him. Some say: "Who is that woman? She seems so familiar!"
(LOL :) :) :) Yogananda has long hair and gentle face and a robe.)
Or, they say: "I know him! I saw his temple in Encinatas, this is the Swami, isn't it?"

One woman recently came to me, she has family here but lives in Los Angeles. She immediately "hooked up" with Yogananda. Then she emailed me saying she has a gift she was sending me. I totally forgot about it.

Then finally after like 3 weeks I went to my PO box and found - the Yogananda calendar for 2010, EXACTLY what I wanted to buy and could not find it locally!!! I had been looking for so long!!!!! I felt so thrilled, like I won a lottery!!! This woman made my day!!! Uncanilly - how Yogananda and God know what we need.

Then there was a letter inside - she accepted him as her Guru. I almost started crying - so privileged to have helped something that precious, like a midwife at a birth.


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