Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Ok, life on Earth is a little crazy and everyone on Earth is crazy in their own way. So everyone tries to make sense out of this mess and live a life that gives them some meaning, some assurance, some comfort. Everyone wants to sleep peacefully at night and not be bothered with anything unpleasant. What an asleep person will do is try to BELONG to something, to identify with something that will "save them".

Human mind wants to identify, to latch itself to something "powerful" that gives security and pleasure and power and specialness, to ATTACH.

So, some will find solace in their religion (e.g. because they are expecting Jesus to save, i.e. bail them out); some feel secure because they have lots of money; some find comfort in going out partying and having fun and being popular; some find comfort in drugs, alcohol, whatever chemical will take them out of here and to a "nicer" place; some find comfort in belonging to a family, to a country, to whatever that makes them feel secure and special; some find comfort in knowing that they are in charge and controlling their environment;

and so on.

So, being of the crazy kind that seeks to Look Within and Without and find the Truth is definitely not the kind that gives one comfort and security. If anything, it removes all comfort and security - in the external. That's the glitch. The external gives that false security.

The external is the Truman show, the nice happy life Truman leads thinking that is it.

The external is the Matrix - when the traitor character says to the Rulers: get me back into Matrix and make me dream of something really nice, e.g. I am a famous actor.

Being outside of the Matrix relies on comfort and security of something very slippery, unpredictable, mysterious, incomprehensible, impossible to put a finger on. Yet that is the only thing there is. And the only thing that gives one true comfort and security, not just a dream, an illusion of the real thing.

Hm, how does one hook up with that Unseen that actually runs this show, the only One Who Knows?


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