Saturday, August 15, 2009

Native American Vision Quest

Just came back from one. It is 4 days and 4 nights in wilderness, not eating, just drinking water, and staying within a 10 ft circle. The goal is Observe and Listen as to whatever is happening outside in the Nature and also inside yourself. Just that.

More specifically: Sleep only when you have to. Bring some warm clothes and a sleeping bag and tarp. Put the bag and tarp out into the circle at night. During the day - the sleeping gear goes into hiding and the circle is yours. Must stay quiet too. Shortly leave the circle to go to bathroom (a dug up hole somewhere nearby) when needed. Drink 1 gallon of water per day. No bathing!

Wow, what a healing treatment and a beauty treatment, and what clarity it brings. VQ is called "sledge hammer for opening the heart" and indeed it is. It puts everything into perspective and makes everything clear. Highly recommended!

It is meditation in application. It is easier for those who meditate and/or are more attuned to Spirit, because in that circle you face your greatest enemy - your various dubious parts and the gang leader the ego! as well as your greatest friend - the Great Creator. And you got to face both. God calls you to the Quest because God has something to work out with you. Also, we have questions - should I marry X, divorce Y, move to Z, get W job or Q job. We think we go into the circle to have those answers, and indeed they are answered but then God pulls out the real agenda, God's agenda for you.

So, going into that circle with attitude of humility and reverence is a must.

The last time I went on a Quest, I had no questions, but I knew I had to show up. WEll, for 4 days, God drilled me about my romantic relationships, I had to go through every single one and watch every detail of what I did wrong. There was a lot to watch... and it was rather ugly and had bad permanent consequences for other people as well as for me. Ouch ouch ouch ouch. It was like a visit to a dentist when a tooth hurts badly - the healing is painful yet liberating. Better yet, like cleaning a raw infected wound. Ooouch!!! But then it gets better.
Once I saw what I did, many things made sense and I was at peace. I made amends energetically with the people I hurt, I made peace with myself, and later in real life I made some changes and it had positive results.

So, the idea is NOT to fight. To go in there and just observe, admit everything, and really carefully watch with utmost objectivity and neutrality. Hopefully, genuine remorse will ensue, which actually will heal the wound and lead to permanent transformation. NOTHING ELSE WORKS. Trust me, I tried :) I have a PhD in evasion.

So, after 4 days of Surrender - I admit! I accept, I am willing to see it, I observe it - wow, what profound effects. It really works. It is incredibly beautifying and healing. Fasting and water clean out all inpurities so skin gets clear and wrinkles disappear, body firms up, eyes are clearer, mind is SHARP like a razor, energy is up. Meditation and higher spiritual activities bring peace and that increases the glow a lot more.

I thought I would get weak. WEll, of course one is weak immediatelly after 4 days of fasting. I was afraid it will be a lot more long lasting, like I would get impoverished and in need of building up my strength again. Nope! This evening I swam in the dark, in rather chilly fresh ocean, then ran home like a doe. With incredible exuberant energy. Feeling so happy and peaceful and just radiant.

So - go on a Vision Quest! To start, check out Earth Heart web site and see if there are any VQ protectors in your area or an organized VQ. It is worth it. Your life will change for better, and rather quickly.

PS - it is not all that peachy when you are out there in that tiny circle doing nothing for 4 days, worrying about catching a cold, being attacked by something wild or even worse, a human, being too cold then too hot, dirty, hungry, body parts aching, and wanting to go home asap. But - it kinda passes and you get into the fun part of it, which is very very exuberant joy of just sitting in Nature and enjoying God's creation and just hanging out with God, one to one. It is totally intoxicating and magical. Miracles happen, things get clear, healing takes place. It is totally worth it. Not to mention being 4 days in fresh air and actually BREATHING.


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