Sunday, July 5, 2009

Young Living rocks

I wanted to do colon cleanse with, because it is a good thing to do, we all need to do it occassionally, and because the owner looks very radiant. Well, 10 days of colon cleanse retreat on Big Island in a place famous for "miraculous results" is $3600 + lodging. Oops!

So I decided to use Young Living recepie "cleanse colon, then liver" - their program is on their web site, So, first "comfort tone" pills for large intenstine cleansing, since I already had them in the cupboard. That worked very well.

Then I started taking Young Living "juva tone" for toning the liver, since I already had them in the cupboard, and the results were so immediate and so good - my skin got soft, I wake up rested, a few gray hairs that crept up in the last months, when I worked too hard and was exausted, are gone. And all in a matter of a days.

So, check out Young Living I find them to be the best essential oils. The pills also work well, the oils are in them. The pills I used were even slightly expired, which was actually better for me, my stomach didn't complain. Usually their pills are way too strong and I take them with food.

Seems like the pills work very well only if we do the inner work to resolve whatever it is. I never got such immediate positive results before.

Yahoo PineHill group in health has lots of good posts on Young Living aromatherapy.

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