Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Study of churchianity addiction

After thinking and styduing the phenomena of churchianity and the addiction it makes, it is very clear it is completely suitable and populated by very immature people - immature spiritual beliefs and immature in "regular" life.

Churchians interpret everything as rules, and rules in the physical. If the Bible says "Jesus" then it is the actual person Jesus. It is not the Christ Consciousness. God smacks you if you disobey the rules, and rewards you if you are a good boy/girl. And the beliefs about "christians" being the only ones that are "saved" are plain fashist.

And it doesn't really matter what you do with OTHER PEOPLE. What other people think does not matter because it is just other people, not God. So if you treat others badly, then - well - too bad. If it is something really really bad, then say a prayer, ask for forgiveness from God, and MOVE ON. No questions asked.

And, it is not ok to be happy. Christians have to suffer. It is required to ponder how God is coming to get you and smack your ass.


What does all this look like in a person's life?

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