Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's not a human if it just looks like a human

I was in court today, evicting the crook tenants. I was "nice" and I let them pay rent late for 3 months (first month because I thought it was ok since they had a baby, later because the guy came to my home and threatened me) and then they didn't pay for 3 months.

In court, the judge and mediator treated me like dirt, and basically almost yelled at me, never letting me say what I had to say. When I brought in my (new) property manager who is male, suddenly - the whole treatment got a lot more respectful. They let him speak, and they let me speak after him.

So I had a man with me, which made me (a woman) a lot more credible "to the public."

The lady tenant brought a baby with her to court, so the judge and mediator bent over to ask them "when they would LIKE to move out" as if they deserved royal treatment.

Nobody asked me how I was paying the 2nd mortgage and where I came up with those extra $3622. Seems like I should have brought in a baby too.

Those crooks bought a new truck with the money they saved on rent, smoked expensive cigarettes one after another and the lady never went to work in evenings when her hubby came home. He did some illegal work on our building and got paid $2500. It doesn't sound at all that they were strapped for money. They got notice to move out or pay on Aug.5, and we were in court 2 weeks earlier because my ex-lawyer messed up, so they had 2 weeks already to move out. They cost me $3622 SO FAR. Will be another 400$ this week.

Meanwhile I had extra jobs all over the place, and totally wiped myself out, trying to earn the money.

The crook asked in court to stay 1 month longer (for free) and pay me 1/2 of owed money so far. What is thinking - that I am stupid? Apparently that's exactly what he is thinking - rightly so! He conned me so far, so many times. While we were waiting in the hallway at the court, he called me by my name and tried to pull my leg. In the court later he said he couldn't deal with me because of tension. What a straight lie - in that hallway he had NO trouble dealing with me. He initiated it - as soon as my property manager walked out and I was alone.

THis is the same crook who asked me (in writing) to give him $3000 in cash to move out, the same crook who threatened me by coming to my house, the same crook who threatened me two months before he stopped paying rent that he will stop paying because Hawaii rental laws are in favor of tenants - therefore he can do whatever he wants and cannot be evicted, etc.

Conclusion: society is blind and stupid, and there are definite stigmas as to how people see things, and definitely that leads to a lot of possibilities for playing games and manipulation.

I don't think these stereotypes will leave tomorrow, so we do need to know how to manipulate, however, we also need to educate and change the world.

Also, people love to hate someone, and to turn their attention towards that person and try to do them bad. They choose to hate someone who seems weaker and/or who seems willing to "take the shit".

This guy is trying to convince the court that he cannot work because of me, therefore he should stay there for free. What a FAT LIE. The Board of the building coaxed them into that. My feeling is that the judge etc also tried dumping it.

To me, the whole experience was totally caveman experience. Those people are way below Homo Sapiens.

That's life on Earth! And precisely that's why it is so bad.




There is absolutely NOTHING human in that. It's not a human. It is an animal. A primitive organism without higher thinking, feeling, consciensce, consciousness, compassion, objectivity, neutrality, service orientation, kindness, etc. all that is Higher that is a property of a Human Being.

So - when that gets changed, life on Earth will change. What we call "humans" just looks like humans, but has to actually BECOME human. Not to a perfection but to a sufficiently high degree of resemblance to the real thing.

(The real thing is a fully developed human being, like Jesus or Buddha. We won't become that any time soon :) We can try to resemble some smaller examples, and make steps towards BECOMING HUMAN.)


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