Monday, December 8, 2008

the "christian" idea of love: if you don't do what I tell you, you are going to hell

This is how so-called "christians" handle their life:
since Jesus has paid for my sins and pitched in for my salvation, I am fine, I am on the way to salvation. My membership in Heaven is ensured. I just need to kinda follow the rules given in Bible, but of course I will be messing up. Things that I mess up routinely I will just deny and ignore so that I can continue living comfortably. As long as I pretend to be "good", I am fine. When I mess up so bad that I notice it, I just beg the Lord for forgiveness so that he doesn't smack my butt and then I move on feeling at peace. The Lord will take care of cleaning up after me.

So, this is what it looks applied to real life: a man claims that he loves me and cannot live without me. When I confront him with the above childish views, in literally 1 millisecond he bails out of any dealing with me, and leaves feeling proud that he "defended his religion." Then he says a prayer and leaves it up to the Lord. Then he has "one bad weekend" and by next Tuesday his life is "exciting" and "full of projects". He is very proud that he is a "positive influence, bettering people's lives", and he even goes to the extent of organizing a healing center where I can work, he "envisions me working there" so he will "prove to me how worthy he is."

This is all coockoo, isn't it? But this is a "christian" in action - focused on the externals, never internal; never looking in, never in the NOW. Always afraid and worried about if they are going to hell or not. Always messing up and feeling guilty, never fixing anything but instead trying to externally do "good deeds." Well - how can anyone do good deeds if they are not solidly connected within? How can one tell what are good deeds and what are not? At the end, it just creates more mess.

I complained to this person that he never examined himself to see what happened and what role he played in it and how he actually treats his religion - as a convenient excuse allowing him to always do as he pleases. He actually saw it, maybe in the first time in his life, how he just brushes everything off and moves on WITHOUT ANY ACCOUNTABILITY. Thus he keeps on repeating the same stuff over and over and then wonders 30 yrs later how come he never changed and how come his life is not what he thought it should have been.

No accountability is the lure of the churchianism. It is the teaching based on fear - **** if you don't do what I tell you, you are going to hell. **** The threat is highly unverifiable, very ambiguous and very spookey. It is the boogeyman threat. Then there is the promise of something good that again comes later and is unverifiable - the Heaven.

Meanwhile, the only thing you need to do in order to assure membership in this elitist club is to just PRETEND that you are following the rules and being "good." There are no instructions as to how to reconcile the reality how we ARE and the unreasonably high demands of how we SHOULD be. So "christians" just plain ignore it and deny it. It is typical to go on doing charitable works, meanwhile killing each other, having terrible relationships, fallen families, destroying Nature, and so on.

Like this particular person, who didn't speak with his own kids out of bitterness, for MORE THAN 10 YEARS. He was never bothered about it until we met. I was appaled and kicked his butt to approach his kids, now adults, and try to establish communication. There was this person who was so in love with me! but couldn't speak with his own children?? Something was fishy about his idea of "love," wasn't it.

So, for more than 10 years, this person is plainly violating any "christian laws and principles" but he is attending church, praying every day, and he FEELS THAT HE HAS A DEEP AND GENUINE CONNECTION WITH "THE LORD".

My question is: WHAT KIND OF GOD IS THAT? A god that allows major abuse for 10 years but doesn't allow the person to look at his religion even for a millisecond is a rather false god, with small g. It is definitely not THE God, the One, the Allmightty, His Endlessness, The Absolute, The Great Creator, The Great Mystery, the All And Everything. The One that everything is made out of. THERE IS NOTHING ELSE BUT GOD.

That God weeps every time we are unkind and lose an opportinity to love and show our love. That God loves us truly and requires certain discipline, so that we can behave in accordance with our Instructions. IT TAKES EFFORT TO REALLY LOVE. It takes personal work, accountability, self responsibility. In short, Inner Work. Which requires regular meditation and prayer, some good guide(s) and a clear set of instructions as to how to approach it. Not a trivial task.

Churchianity just stops any of that. Because people are not given any tools as to how to really approach life, but are held up to some really high standards and threatened with fear and guilt, churchianity stuns anything higher that might be in us. It keeps a person very small, weak, and immature. It keeps a person stuck in fear and irresponsibility. That serves evil, doesn't it.


There are other ways to achieve the same thing - they are all called addictions. For example, another person I know goes out partying and has fun, and then has different lovers every several months. How is that different than churchianity? It's not, it is the SAME thing - living an asleep life and trying to make it as comfortable as possible by avoiding any Inner Work whatsoever.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

the two most important things

Love God with all your heart, your mind and your soul.

Love thy neighbor as thyself.

Here it is, the entire Christianity at a glance. Accidentally, this is the entire muslim, Hindu, etc etc religions too.

All true religions ultimately teach only this.

Because, there is only one God.

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