Thursday, August 27, 2009

The mind needs to be disciplined

Just recently, on the VQ, I had a realization how undisciplined the mind is. My mind is :) It likes to wander all over the place, and the wandering is highly dubious and murky. It never wanders into good stuff. It wanders into some shady activities, like fear, upset, anger, bitching, sniveling, etc. Even if it notices something nice, it kinda brushes it over. It is completely self absorbed and in a way that makes the whole world responsible to cater to it, and if it doesn't, the bitching ensues. It LOVES to go OVER AND OVER AND OVER again over some details it can bitch about - look how he treated me, look how this doesn't work, ...
The result: feeling depleted.

This mind wallowing in the negativity and self-absorption can be described with the Serbian description "kao krava u stetu", which losely translated means: like an unsupervised cow when she goes to graze where she is not supposed to, and thus causes damage.

So, what do we do? PUT A LEASH ON THAT COW.

I realized that I need to indend to think what I want to think, and give direction that way.

Also, to think something ONCE. If someone did something wrong, don't dwell on it. Just think it, make conclusions, and move on. Don't let them bother you. People enjoy seeing someone upset, and they do things to upset others, to see them wiggle. That's sick.

So - no dwelling on anything, and making a turn into thinking Higher.

It is amazing what happens. The head just gets full of light.

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Monday, September 29, 2008

There is nothing else but God.

The paradox of "there is nothing else but God" is that it made me much stricter. I realized that God needs me to take care of His Kingdom, and sometimes that means disciplining, to make His subject grow.

Like gardening - sometimes what is needed is pruning, sometimes nourishing.

Like training pets - sometimes you pubish and sometimes you reward.

And like raising children - always loving discipline, to train the ego and to open the heart.

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