Friday, July 31, 2009

Eastern European massage

There are some excellent Eastern European therapists and medical massage specialists, like Vladimir Janda and Karel Lewitt from former Checkoslovakia, Oleg B. from former Soviet Union. Those countries had top-level athletes that won Olympic medals, and also they had no money for drugs, machines, and other expensive and ineffective procedures that the West has. So - they used hands. CHEAP AND EFFECTIVE.

One of the Russians recommends starting massage session with client facing up. Also, he recommends kneading.

My letter to him:
My background is shiatsu, and in shiatsu, session starts from the front, and it is important to vary. So, your info coincides with theirs, and theirs is very tested and ancient.

In Hawaiian lomi lomi massage, or in Japanese shiatsu, or in Thai massage, there is no kneading yet it is very effective. Western sweedish massage is a complete killer on the hands. Most massage therapists quit after 3 years. So I am curious to see what you have to say.


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