Sunday, May 31, 2009

Emotional energy: letter to A

On making a decision:

Well, this was an exercise in self discipline. My meditation mentor said that emotional energy is high intensity and very fast. It likes to act on impulse. And to fund its activities, it likes to borrow from the body/mind. And when it sucks energy, it makes one exausted. INDEED! I am completely incapacitated. The torment just wiped me out. Plus getting a sunburn and not sleeping one night, and I am a complete mess, crying every 2 seconds at anything. I am afraid that not sleeping at night would make me like this in Florida - or maybe it won't because my mind and my emotions will be united.

My meditation mentor said that we are all slaves to emotions, women usually are more prone. And that it is necessary to give ourselves just a minute of break, to get out of that grip. Just wash dishes, pick mail, garden, whatever - just FOCUS, so that the mind gets clear.

I taught a new dad, over the phone, to massage babies, and they are responding very favorably.

Good luck with your father in law (dieing from cancer). It doesn't affect you except via your husband, and it has to happen eventually that the old man dies, but it is never easy and your support to hubby is needed and also to your kids as the hubby is preoccupied.


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