Thursday, April 3, 2008

healing tips: issues in the tissues

Hawaiian salt can be used to melt tight connective tissue.

However, there are reasons connective tissue is tight. If it weren't an accident (and there are no accidents anyways), it is due to emotional/spiritual/mental issues. Even accidents are due to spiritual issues. We think of something and are not fully present, and then accidents happen.

So, when we start healing the tissue, the issues come up. The issues are in the tissues!

If the person is not ready to heal the "issues", then there can be no progress on the physical front. Period.

The other way holds true too: if a person has non-physical issues and is in, say, therapy, and is willing and able to "talk it" and feel it but still not much progress, then the body needs to be worked on in order to help release the non-physical. They are related...

One client I haD is an older divorced woman who lives with her mother. The client has so many physical issues - obesity, arthritis, hernia, blot clots, .... the list goes on! One of the things is the terribly flat feet, plus a job that requires standing. She came to me not because she picked me, but because something major happened and doctor prescribed her massage and gave her my number.

I asked her to get orthotics, so that the feet can be supported. She beligerantly said no. She tried it and it hurts. I said how about SAS shoes then? They are soft and have orthotics, they are for diabetics. She didn't say anything, but cancelled her next appointment and rescheduled. Then she cancelled again and didn't reschedule. Then I called her to ask her how she is doing and she said she is fine.

That's it. Sometimes, some people do not want to go any further. They might be too damaged, you might not have the "thing" that will help to motivate them to get better (whatever it is! Sometimes it is just plain sex appeal. If they like you, they will be encouraged to get better.) Maybe you don't have the technical skill to help them. Maybe you push them too much too soon. Maybe you don't really have a loving vibe towards them and they feel it. And so on.
The healing practitioner needs to ask questions as to what is really going on.

In any case, this woman got from me what she needed: some chinese herbal tincture that helps arthritis and bruises. Everyone gets whatever they need, and when they are done, they leave.

I said to my child friend: Good night, ______(name). The Stars are over the Ocean.
She came again to say good night again :) She likes the magic.

Children are very perceptive and whole and we need to learn from them. Their freedom is what gives them that endless energy and health.

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