Saturday, April 18, 2009

What is my life for?

I was away all day long, mostly working far away from home, in Honolulu. Driving back, pondering what to eat for dinner, maybe stop at the supermarket and get something... Decided to keep on driving home and look into my freezer. Came home rather late and needed a quick dinner.

So I opened the fridge, rummaged around and found some frozen shrimp. The freezer was starting to get empty, I noticed. I looked at it for a second, pondering. The shrimp were on the bottom. I took them out and cooked them.

Then it struck me: the moment of opening the freezer. That thought that I have seen this before: a freezer that is being emptied out. HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I FILLED THAT FREEZER UP? ANd how many times has it been emptied out?

So here I am, someone who just empties the freezers by eating, eating, eating every day. Is that all that my life is for?

What is my life for? Just to keep on eating, filling and emptying freezers? Is that all that my purpose is? Work to fill the freezer, then eat it up. Just an eating machine, an animal.

Even worse, what is my purpose as an animal? I am not bringing any benefit to anyone or anything, I just EAT - plants, other animals, taking space, producing garbage, destroying Nature.

What is my value in the Kingdom of God, what am I supposed to give rather than just living to eat?


Don't you get it, God catches you in very odd moments - even opening the freezer can be opening a door to enlightment :)
Yeah, 2 yrs ago when I was in Lowe's looking at the bathroom sinks and fawcetts, one golden colored fawcett of unusually elegant design triggered something in me and I had a profound experience connecting me with the Water, and ever since then, I carefully monitor every drop of water I use.

So, don't be surprised - God works in very very very clever ways, always catching you any time he sees a chance. A chance might be when you are opening your freezer - you never know.


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