Friday, January 9, 2009


Seems like makeup is a sensitive topic, I haven't seen as many posts on very few other topics :)

What counts is the overall impression of the person - do they look radiant, confident, healthy, enthusiastic, etc. As well as competent and professional.

Some fields have some "cliches" as to how to convey that, e.g. fashion, Holiwood, or finance use their looks to achieve certain emotional effects for hooking people in - glamour, entertainment and stable security. Since glamour and financial security have been around for centuries, people already have a very established idea what it should look like.

Our field is new, so - Bill Gates and adds is how people are beginning to form an idea what a professional geek looks like. If you look in adds for technical stuff, people are lot more simply yet professionally dressed, the colors are more into dark grays and some blues and some black (not blue look of government employees, not black of arts, not brown) and makeup is not the norm.

In our field we can be more neutral because we don't "sell" emotions as much. As long as we look suave, it's fine. No need for Barbie dolls or 3-piece suits. But definitely need for looking "professional suave" and BEHAVING that way.

If you want to "look makeup" without really having it, just get a lip gloss, or a real lipstick, and make it something schiney, so that it shows - and voila, you look makeuped and you are still comfortable. And, a lot of those lip things are organic and are good for your lips, like Dr. Burts or Dr. Haushka (spelling?).

Also, strategic jewelery helps - a string of pearls or a simple gold necklace makes you look very "rich and sophisticated" and conveys a certain attitude.

And of course the clothes need to look "sophisticated". The whole package.

Makeup is a way to achieve looking healthy without putting in the work of the wholistic lifestyle.
Everything shows on the skin, esp, face - bad digestion, lack of sleep, worry, etc.
Having that healthy, radiant, smooth, glowing skin and rosey cheeks is something that requires a lot more than just a makeup... It requires food, exercise, peace of mind, overall good health, and some good skin care - scrub, wash, moisturize.
And if person has that nice skin, they will look great, imo better than a makeuped plastered person. "Natural looking" makeup is in, anyways.

The only things that work for me is Young Living skin care, it is all natural. Haven't tried Dr. Haushka's because YL works so good. The supermarket has some vit A and C creams that work well too.

lately I stopped wearing even the pierced earings, because my acupuncturist claimed they were causing eye problems.


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