Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Place for modern medicine

This is a story of how modern medicine, with its knives and antibiotics, can help in times of emergency.

My cat came home with a cheek swollen, size of golf ball. On a small 9lb cat, it looks big.... And her eye was red and completely shut. She showed up on Monday evening. I took her to the building manager, he said: "Some car must have hit her. Well, animals heal all by themselves, just let her be."

With that "heal yourself!" attitude, I just fed her. She was so hurting, she could not even eat and just painfully meaowed when she tried to chew. She stayed overnight and left the next morning. Came back in the evening and followed me from my car to my door. The next door dog came out, and the cat got scared and left. The next day, the next door group was smoking pot when I came home. The stench was in the air. As soon as they heard me, all guests left, their door was closed, and there was no more stench coming out. It took me about 5 mins to ventilate my living room. Finally it was all fresh air and quiet. But - the cat never came.

I talked with my officemate and she said that cat bites are poisonous, that her cat was bit by another cat and had to go to the vet, twice. My alert buttons went off. What if my cat did need some help? and I wasn't doing anything to help her!

On Thursday morning, I was already totally worried. I called the vet and they said that cat probably got into a fight and to bring her in. But the cat was nowhere to be found.

On Thursday afternoon, still no cat anywhere. I finally connected the dots. She always runs away from the manager because he has that cold hearted attitude. Because I care for her, she came to me for help - and I failed her! I failed her miserably. Was it too late and did I mess it up so much that she would lose her eye because of my negligence?

So I prayed. I sat on the Ocean for about 2 hours praying and meditating, asking for forgiveness, and promising I will take her to the vet.

The cat showed up as soon as I got home. She rubbed herself around me, looked at me and showed me her eye, which was still swollen. She could eat a little bit now. I gave her homeopatic remedies, sprinkled TraumaLife aromatherapy, and did some light work on her. By the morning, she was a lot perkier. But the cheek was still swollen. I had to go to work... and work all day... so I said: tomorrow we go to the vet.

That night (Friday) I gave her more homeopatics, and she got even perkier. But, the cheek was still swollen, the eye closed. She slept inside, I let her sleep on a chair, on a fancy cushion that she is not supposed to use. She might have gotten a hint that something was coming...

On Saturday, I called the vet and said we are coming in. The cat was nowhere to be found. It took me about 15 mins to find her, in my tiny little space. She was hiding so well!!! I grabbed her and took her away. A small tiny puff of fur by now, she lost so much weight and energy and looked really pathetic.

The vet looked at her, said something punctured her cheek and the hole got infected, and that he will open it and clean it. I looked at him and said ok. In a second, they whisked the cat away. I listened carefully in the hall, no meaows, nothing. They brought her back about 10 mins later, her cheek all bloody, blood dripping. The vet gave her antibiotic shot, said that the wound didn't have to be kept clean because antibiotics will take care of it, and the cat can go outside. I took the cat home. She seemed all right! She was perky although blood was dripping from her cheek.

I was totally exausted and stressed out. Looking at her, I was thinking: did I just let them ruin this cat??? Oh my gosh. What if it gets infected more, what if .... What if the butcher ruined my cat? Did I set her up for infinite antibiotics and vet cycle? Wasn't there a gentler more natural way to deal with this? This is exactly what they do to people - cut them and butcher them and give antibiotics. Oh my gosh!

Luckily - the cat did get better. The blood clothed by the end of that day and there was no drips. She stayed in a lot, slept all the time, ate, and drank a LOT of water. Sometimes she went outside.
It was kinda very nice to have her in all the time and enjoy her company. I talked to her and she listened. I talked to her just like I talked on the way to the vet...

Her eye is fine now. Thank God. I feel really blessed that this bloody story ended relatively easily. I hope her digestion will be ok after all those antibiotics.

I still don't know what got her. It was just one poke through the cheek - how likely is it that it was a bite from another animal? Sounds more like a puncture wound. How? Where? I don't know. I just hope the cat stays out of trouble in the future.

She is a street cat and about 7 yrs old, which is a lot for a street cat. Maybe in this warm climate, street cats live longer. It is rather sad - all this trouble started last Nov, when she disappeared for 2 months.

Last November, the cat was a gorgeous miniature tiger, with blazing orange fur, with beautiful white fluff underneath the orange. She was a huge, muscular cat, and everyone admired her.

Then heavy rains and floods started in November; I yelled at the Born Again dude and we broke up; I was scared about the financial collapse; and the cat left. I didn't see her for TWO MONTHS. When she showed up again, her fur was in very bad shape. She didn't hang around much. Then my parents came, and the cat started coming again regularly. Then we took her to the vet for the fur problem, then now for the eye problem. Two visits to the vet in 3 weeks - and she has never needed the vet before.

What I learned is how sensitive she is to energy. She left when it was too tense. She came back when my parents brought back feelings of coziness and ease. She left when manager didn't want to help her. She came back when I confirmed that I will be there for her. One little animal, so smart, so accurately judging the situation.


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