Friday, October 17, 2008

neck massage

You know that a chiropractor yanked my neck, right? So ever since then I have been a neck expert.

Today I had a taste of something wonderful, how our body is connected-

my neck was feeling tight, after all week of working, teaching, driving, etc etc. I was in the dance class, which is in a big room with mirrors and ballet- style bars all around the room.

So I put my leg up on the bar, like ballerinas do, and stretched my leg. The back of the tigh, the hamstring, was all knotted and short. I stretched it and massaged it. Then the other leg - way easier. Then I repeated on the first leg.

Then something gave away - I cannot describe it otherwise but to say that something stretched out and my neck all of the sudden became comfortable. I felt like I was in a crinkled bodysuit and suddenly it got ironed out and it became comfortable again. My head cleared up, I wasn't tired anymore, I was just feeling so light and so happy, so relieved, so free.

The power of bodywork.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

neck massage: God heals

As I already wrote, a chiropractor yanked my neck and seriously injured it. It was so painful, I was scared. I am still dealing with it.

First I tried having someone fix it. Tough luck... The last chiropractor I went to was proclaimed the best in Honolulu and I went for 6 sessions and paid 240$ and nothing. He helped ZERO. The only good thing is that in his office I found the newspaper with the belly dance class article and went to the class and had a great time - and am blossoming ever since, I found what I like to do. So, I do believe the chiropractor has good intentions and is a healer on some level. He just doesn't know how to fix my neck.

Recently I gave up on others and started doing work on my own, going through each muscle and making sure it is free of trigger points. I found so many.... and am feeling better.

I really would like to find professional help of someone who can help me with this. The back is hard to reach on my own.

Tonight I found a trigger point in scalenes and it was soooooo ouchy, I was in a daze, and that's when I heard the Hawaiian voices, they were giving me instructions, in Hawaiian. My cat came to look to see what was happening. Someone was there.

I don't speak Hawaiian yet but seems like I will have to :)

As I was sitting on the beach, I did the sufi zihkrs - for those of you who know what it is - it is a movement of the neck, doing a rotation across the chest and then looking up and down - and chanting the words. What I chanted was the arabic phrase that means something like this in loose translation:




And I felt better afterwards. There is something very profound when we contemplate what this sentence means.

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