Saturday, July 11, 2009

one higher thought is more powerful than all others

A Course in Miracles says, if I remember correctly, that one Higher thought is more powerful than all others.

I had that experience today. I woke up and while still laying in bed, enjoyed birds, etc. Then my mind wanted to start thinking the usual crap - it likes to rant and rave in a very angry, upset way, complain, etc.

But something else in me said: oh well, cut it. The day is so nice. I am happy. I want to think about God.

Then I thought about God. I cannot remember now what specifically I was thinking. There was something that I was sincerely trying to ponder, something very specific about God.

I could feel how my head lit up. Like there was light inside it. It became huge and lit up. My whole body became huge and lit up, and I was totally blissed out.

So - there you go. ONE THOUGHT. Just ONE THOUGHT.


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