Monday, August 24, 2009


I came home at about 11pm and saw that my cat was watching something moving in the bushes next to the fence. That something was about cat size and jumped up and down. I thought - another cat? hm, why wouldn't mine react to it? A rat? Hm, a big rat!

It was an owl! Paeo, Hawaiian owl. It got stuck between fences (the neighbor for some reason put his fence about 1 ft AWAY from our fence, so now there is 1 ft neitherland corridor between the two fences, and that neitherland is full of weeds.)

He was actually rather small, with a small beak and big yellow eyes, rather dark. He hissed at me and put his wings up but soon realized that he needed to cooperate.So, I walked the owl to the corridor side that ended on the street. The cat didn't bother him, although she checked and I had to remind her to stay aside. The dogs in the neighborhood all started barking when he got out. His wings were quite huge! He was awesome flying at night.

As I was saving the owl, I found a dead? small bird on the ground. Today I checked, the bird was still there, alive, but not able to fly. He didn't seem tangled into anything. One of his legs didn't really move. I took him up to 3rd floor and he just flew away. ??? What was wrong with him, is a good question.

There was about 10 small tiny birds on the schlefera seeds today. I took photos.

Now I saw a spider, about 3 inches in diameter, fuzzy, crossing over my wall right in front of me. Yikes! I need to get him out, asap. He hid behind some pictures. I HOPE that is a cane spider and harmless. If not - hey ....

Geckos are also running on the walls. Sometimes they leave their poop on the wall. I need to somehow reduce their numbers. I suppose they come for cockroaches... and ants.... who come for unwashed dishes, cat food, and lots of nice cupboard space - premium room and board.

I hope they don't get the idea that this is a free country and they can just move in. I need to ask them to stay out.

WEll, I don't have screens on my windows. I wanted air. So - there are guests that can easily come in. They can come in anyways over the front door, since there is a gap without anything on top of it. The gap should have a screen. I just do not like screens - they reduce air flow. I like fresh air.


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